Messages about Islam stereotypical in Canada

Messages about Islam stereotypical in Canada

Re: Extremist literature common in mosques, Islamic school libraries, study says (Aug. 22)

News coverage of the recent study titled Lovers of the Death? — Islamist Extremism in Mosques and Schools undermines the work many Muslim communities have undertaken in Canada.

To the effect they suggest all mosques are perpetuating extremist and violent messages, these articles are inaccurate, generalized and stereotypical.

Looking up Canadian news coverage of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, one would actually question if there is any merit to these arguments whatsoever. From relentlessly promoting “Love for all, hatred for none” (our motto), to running nationwide campaigns in colleges and universities across the country to counter extremist ideology, such as “Stop the CrISIS,” our efforts toward peace are endless.

Thus, as a Canadian-born Muslim student, I am upset. I would hope more efforts are made in Canada toward strengthening and building the values that make us a strong country — diversity, multiculturalism and understanding. In order to accomplish this, our discussions need to be more productive and offer solutions rather than sheer criticism.

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Source/Credit: Winnipeg Free Press