THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE > SPORTS Due to insufficient funds: Taekwondo contingent denied Canadian visas

THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE > SPORTS Due to insufficient funds: Taekwondo contingent denied Canadian visas


The Pakistan Taekwondo Federation’s (PTF) campaign for the 2016 World Junior Taekwondo Championship has been dealt a major blow as host country Canada refused to issue visas to two of the four traveling athletes as well as three officials for the event which begins on November 14 in Burnaby.

Among the personnel refused visas are PTF president Waseem Ahmed, athletes Zaheer Baig and Obdoon Butt as well as coaches Najia Khan and Rizwan Bangash.

Ahmed admitted that the visa setback came as a shock as the players had been training for two and a half months.

“It is very upsetting and extremely disappointing. We had fulfilled all the formalities and the government also gave us the NOCs,” Ahmed told The Express Tribune. “The Pakistan Sports Board was also supporting us so it is just mind-boggling why we were not issued the visas. Our players are 15 and 16-year-olds while all the officials are well-travelled individuals.”


He continued: “We’ve raised the issue with World Taekwondo Federation and the organisers as countries like ours should not be treated in this manner.”

The PTF supremo then revealed that the reason given for their refusal of visas was ‘insufficient funds’ in PTF’s account.

“They raised the issue that we don’t have enough money, but we actually do, as the Pakistan government also gave us Rs1 million for this event. Of course, we don’t have extra money but we had enough to participate and return to Pakistan,” Ahmed explained.


The visa issue does not affect US-based athletes Mahnoor and Nimra Wasiq, who will be competing at the championship.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 9th, 2016.

Italians, Canadian kidnapped in Libyan desert: mayor

Italians, Canadian kidnapped in Libyan desert: mayor

Italians, Canadian kidnapped in Libyan desert: mayor

Two Italians and a Canadian have been kidnapped in Libya’s southwestern desert, possibly by a criminal gang, authorities said.

The three, who were working on airport projects, were abducted between the towns of Ghat and Tahala, near the border with Algeria early on Monday, Ghat’s mayor Gomani Mohamad Saleh told Reuters.

“The two Italians were working on a runway project at the airport but the Canadian was working on installing air aviation system,” he said on Tuesday.

“The security authorities are following the incident closely … That’s all the information we have so far.”

Numerous criminal and armed groups are active in Libya’s vast southern desert, and al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants have long had a presence across the border between Libya and Algeria.

The Italian foreign ministry said late on Monday that two of its citizens had been abducted in the Libyan desert, without giving further details.

The Canadian government said it was aware of a “troubling yet unconfirmed report of the abduction of a Canadian citizen in Libya”.

Local media reports said the three were working for the Libyan branch of Italian firm Contratti lnternazionali Costruzioni SpA. The company declined to comment when contacted.


source The Nation

Perspective: We can stop terrorists | Nomaan Mubashir

Perspective: We can stop terrorists | Nomaan Mubashir

Can terrorism be justified? Is hatred more powerful than love? As an Ahmadi Muslim, the answer is clear that terrorism has no place in Islam or any religion. The tragic tale of another terrorist in the guise of Aaron Driver is yet another unfortunate incident. As a Canadian Muslim, my heart mourns at a loss of another soul who has been misled by those propagating the evil indoctrination of the Islamic State group or other terrorist organizations while claiming to represent the religion of Islam.

The reality of youth like Driver, who become radicalized online through extremist views, highlights the impressionability of youth and the need for a counter-narrative. The efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association are exemplary in this regard for keeping Muslim youth engaged and educating them on the true, peaceful teaching of Islam and providing the platform to serving mankind irrespective of their creed, colour or religious beliefs. I am optimistic that it is love that indeed is more powerful than hate. There is no justification for terrorism.

It is my sincere wish that all Canadian youth use their God-given capabilities for the betterment of all humankind in the world’s greatest country, Canada.

Nomaan Mubashir, Cambridge

Source/Credit: Waterloo Region Record