Hazara varsity teacher arrested for defrauding colleagues

Hazara varsity teacher arrested for defrauding colleagues

MANSEHRA: Police have arrested a professor of Hazara University for defrauding his colleagues in the name of allotment of plots at a non-existence colony.

Police said that Prof Fazal Akbar with the help of his accomplice Prof Khan Afsar deprived employees of Hazara University of Rs280 million.

“We arrested the suspect, who fraudulently received money from professors and teaching staff of Hazara University to allot them plots in a colony, which did not exist.

He had disappeared at time of allotments of plots earlier this year,” DSP Zulfiqar Khan Jadoon told journalists here on Sunday.

Prof Arshad Siddique has lodged FIR against the suspects.

He told police that Prof Fazal Akbar, a resident of Mardan, and his accomplice Prof Khan Afsar received the amount from scores of their colleagues for establishment of a professors’ colony at bypass road in Mansehra but both disappeared after receiving the money.

Prof Siddique said that he along with other colleagues made several attempts for recovery of their money but could not succeed.

He said that that they were told by land revenue department that nobody had acquired land for establishment of such colony in the district.

Police raided the residences of both the suspects and arrested Prof Fazal Akabr while Prof Khan Afsar managed to flee.

Mr Jadoon said that they got one-day physical remand of the suspect from court. Also in the day, police arrested a group of robbers and recovered stolen items from them. The arrested persons were identified as Fisal Ayub, Mohammad Umar and Usman.

Mr Jadoon said that the group was involved in robberies at the houses of Dr Mohammad Tipu and a businessman Mohammad Saleem.

BALAKOT: The action committee of survivors of Balakot has said that it would not allow machinery to move from their city to Kaghan valley for construction of Suki Kanari hydropower project if New Balakot city housing project is not completed before it.

Mian Mohammad Ashraf, the president of action committee, told journalists that 11 years had passed but more than 5,000 survivor families were still living in small makeshift shelters in miserable condition.

Published in Dawn, November 14th, 2016

Five men arrested for alleged assault of transgender people near Sialkot

Five men arrested for alleged assault of transgender people near Sialkot

Five people were arrested for the alleged assault and harassment of transgenders near Sialkot on Monday after a video surfaced on social media showing a man brutally beating a transgender person.

The five men arrested include Aijaz alias ‘Jajja’, Asad Khan, Ajab Gul Khan, Ansar ‘Phool’, and Kamran, the FIR said, adding that a search is underway for the arrest or rest of the suspects involved in the incident.

A copy of the FIR filed by Riaz, alias Azmoo claims that several men ─ including Aijaz ‘Jajja’ who allegedly beat a transgender woman in the viral video ─ entered the premises where several transgender people live.

The men then proceeded to verbally harass the transgenders, the FIR claims, while one man beat a transgender person.

As this happened, the other men allegedly searched the house and took several thousand rupees and the transgender people’s mobile phones into their possession.

The FIR also said that these men, along with several others, often visit the house and threaten the transgender people who live there.

The men allegedly also ordered the transgender people to pay them Rs0.1 million each time any of them celebrates a birthday.

A video that began making the rounds on social media shows a man suspected to be Aijaz ‘Jajja’ beating a transgender person using a belt. The man is heard asking the person filming the incident to make sure his actions are being recorded properly.

The suspect holds the transgender person down by pressing his foot down on her neck and twisting her arm.

People around him attempt to keep him from hitting the wailing transgender but their pleas are only effective after the man takes multiple swipes at the transgender person with the belt.

A transgender person who claims to have been present at the time of the incident provides a differing account of the incident in another video that emerged online.

She claims the incident took place in Sialkot where the FIR was registered.

Originally from Faisalabad, the transgender person claimed she fled the city for Sialkot after allegedly being beaten and gang raped.

“I came here to get away from the violence but I have not been able to find peace here [Sialkot],” she said.

She claimed that she was present when the other transgender person was brutally beaten up in their own home and alleged that later that night, a number of transgender people were rounded up and taken to a third transgender person’s house where they were raped, beaten and humiliated throughout the night.

She pleaded for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the alleged violence against transgenders.

“Are we not human? Why are we treated worse than dogs? These politicians should fear the day a transgender person is born in their family,” she said, lamenting the lack of laws for the protection of transgender people in Pakistan.

“The government even has laws for the protection of dogs and other animals but they have no laws protecting us,” she added.

Station House Officer Sialkot handed the investigation over to Sub Inspector Mohammad Jameel and asked him to bring the culprits to justice.


Rabwah – police Arrested the person involves in illegal protest

Rabwah – police Arrested the person involves in illegal protest

Rabwah the assistant commissioner ordered the police to arrest the persons involves in the protest who create fear between the people and destroyed the public property. As we express early when police and TMA officers take Action against the illegal encroachments on public Application and due to the traffic jam at the time people gathered and attack on the Administrations. Now police arrested the Tariq sarhadi which was leading the people against police.

Ex-Senator Faisal Raza Abidi arrested over Patel Para killings: police

Ex-Senator Faisal Raza Abidi arrested over Patel Para killings: police

Former Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Faisal Raza Abidi was arrested during an early morning raid at his Karachi residence on Saturday, police said.

Confirming his arrest to Dawn, Jamshed Quarters SP Tahir Noorani said Abidi was taken into custody in connection with the killing of two men who belonged to the Tableeghi Jamaat in Patel Para area of the metropolis a day earlier.

“We have arrested Faisal Abidi for his alleged involvement in the double murder case,” said SP Jamshed Quarters Tahir Noorani.

But in the evening, a top-ranking police officer said that Abidi was “detained” and being investigated in some previous cases of sectarian killings. “He will be released if found innocent,” he said, asking not to be named.

Abidi is now in custody of the police investigation department for interrogation, the police official said.

The murders happened yesterday as armed pillion riders shot the two men dead near the Fatima Bai Hospital and rode away. A spokesman of the outlawed Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) had yesterday claimed that the two victims were their supporters, however, the area SHO said the men killed hailed from Khuzdar and were associated with the Tableeghi Jamaat.

The FIR (379/2016) for the double murder was registered at Jamshed Quarters police station on Friday night under Section 302 (murder) and 7-ATA (anti-terrorism act of 1997) on complaint of the victims’ relative Ghulam Mohammed, said SHO Inam Hasan Junejo. The case was registered against unknown suspects, the official added.

The double murder was followed by killings of three members of ASWJ at Shafiq Mor in North Karachi and a prayer leader in Hyderi Market.

Counter-Terrorism Department official Raja Umer Khattab told Dawn that the same group was involved in all six murders of Friday as the police’s forensic lab report confirmed that the same weapon was used in three separate incidents.

Before his arrest, police and Rangers personnel arrived at the former Senator’s residence in the city’s New Rizvia Society in at least 10 vehicles at around 2:30am, sources told DawnNews.They searched Abidi’s house for about half an hour before taking him into custody.

The firebrand PPP leader had resigned from his Senate seat in 2014 after developing differences with his party.

Abidi, once among the most trusted lieutenants of former president Asif Zardari, was accused of violating party discipline and repeatedly issuing statements in favour of martial law.

The Dawn News source

Two people involved in Amjad Sabri murder arrested by CTD: Sindh CM

Two people involved in Amjad Sabri murder arrested by CTD: Sindh CM

Two people have been arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Department for the murder of famed qawwal Amjad Sabri and other high-profile cases, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah told journalists on Monday.

“The CTD headed by Raja Umar Khattab made a major breakthrough and arrested two people from Liaquatabad called Ishaq alias Bobby and Asim alias Capri. Their weapons were also recovered… After a probe and forensic investigation, we found proof of involvement in 28 cases.”

The men are affiliated with the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi Naeem Bukhari group, the chief minister said. “There is no affiliation with a political party, it is a proscribed organisation.”

“Asim alias Capri was Amjad Sabri’s neighbour. We have not found any motive [behind the murder] as yet, but it seems sectarian to us because Sabri used to frequent majalis and had links to Ahle Tashi,” he said.

Shah said there was ‘conclusive proof’ that the two were part of a gang involved in nine ‘major incidents’:

  • Oct 29 attack on Nazimabad majlis
  • Oct 17 attack on a majlis
  • July 26 attack on army personnel in Saddar
  • June 22 attack on Amjad Sabri
  • May 21 killing of two traffic constables at Aisha Manzil
  • April 20 attack on policemen
  • Dec 2015 attack on military police near Tibet Centre
  • Nov 20, 2015 attack on Rangers personnel in Ittehad Town
  • Aug 29, 2015 attack on Supreme Court judge Advocate Syed Hamid Haider in Hassan Square

“We will try to follow the lead through the arrested ones and apprehend rest of the gang,” he said.

The weapons were matched using empty bullet casings collected from crime scenes and bullets retrieved during post mortems, the Sindh CM said.

The two men were also involved in various instances of target killing of 12 other police personnel and seven Shias, he maintained .

A large quantity of weapons were recovered from the suspects, including three SMGs, two MP5 rifles stolen from police, 27 pistols, and lots of hand grenades and IEDs, he said.

‘No sect being targeted’

“There have been protests in Malir today, but there is no particular community or sect being targeted,” the CM said.

“This is to stop terrorism. If we have suspicions, we are detaining people. And when they are being cleared, we are releasing them… This is the biggest menace in our country and we will go to any extent to end it. I request the people of Karachi and across Sindh to support us in this matter,” the Sindh CM said.

“Those involved in the killing of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) activists will also be apprehended, he said. Police personnel involved in the arrest of suspects will be rewarded, he added.

Offering clarification behind the detention of religious workers and leaders, Murad Shah said, “There were already cases against Mirza Yusuf Husain in which he didn’t have bail and his name was in the fourth schedule. He was apprehended in light of the given situation.”

“[ASWJ leader Taj] Hanafi was also picked up under the MPO because of the ongoing situation.”

When asked about arrest of former senator Faisal Raza Abidi and his alleged involvement in sectarian killing the CM said, “Faisal Raza Abidi was arrested for possession of unlicensed weapons.”

Adviser on Information to Sindh Chief Minister Moula Bux Chandio and Sindh Inspector General (IG) AD Khawaja were also accompanying Shah during the press conference.

Read more: Famed qawwal Amjad Sabri gunned down in Karachi

Amjad Sabri was gunned down in Karachi June 22, 2016, after unknown assailants fired at his vehicle in the city’s Liaquatabad area, critically injuring him. He was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed hospital immediately, where Sabri succumbed to his injuries.

Responsibility for the attack was earlier claimed by a spokesperson for the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud group.

Pakistan: Christian teenager arrested for blasphemy after liking Kaaba's picture on Facebook | Shamila Ghyas

Pakistan: Christian teenager arrested for blasphemy after liking Kaaba’s picture on Facebook | Shamila Ghyas

Pakistan: Christian teenager arrested for blasphemy after liking Kaaba’s picture on Facebook | Shamila Ghyas

We need to realize that the blasphemy law in Pakistan is used to cleanse neighborhoods, to vent personal hate and bigotry, to gain power, to gain control .

It’s the year 2016, and one would have thought that by now things like blasphemy would have been a thing of the past. For centuries it was used and abused by queens, kings and states alike to gain power over the people.

Even things like profane cursing and swearing were once considered blasphemous and punishable under the Profane Oaths Act 1745 (Great Britain).  It was not uncommon for punishments to be particularly brutal like in the case of Quaker James Naylor.  In 1656, under the Second Protectorate Parliament, he was sentenced to flogging, branding and piercing of his tongue by a red-hot poker.

By 1883, everyone was starting to realize how this law was mainly used as a way to gain control over the people. As a result, there were only 5 prosecutions between 1883 and 1922.

In fact, the last person to be sent to prison for blasphemy in the UK was John William Gott on December 1921.

Like I said, we are now nearing the end of 2016 and it still continues in our part of the world. We still haven’t wisened up.

Nabeel Masih, a young teenaged boy from Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur was arrested and charged under sections 295/295A under the Pakistan Penal Code a few days ago.

295 is ‘Injuring or defiling place of worship, with intent to insult the religion of any class.’

295-A is ‘Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs’

Those do sound heinous. So what had Nabeel done?

He had clicked “like” on a picture of Khane Kaaba on Facebook.

As expected, since the word blasphemy was uttered, his family had to go into hiding because in Pakistan, many people prefer to take matters in their own hands, especially when it comes to religion. They tend to think that they are the single handedly chosen ones to avenge all the wrong doings – by using violence.

Nabeel’s family is being hunted by neighbors, acquaintances and people they don’t even know so they can be killed for what he did. In case you have forgotten, his crime was to click ‘like’ on Facebook.

I don’t even know why it comes as a surprise. Have we forgotten 4 months pregnant Shama Bibi and her husband Sajjad Maseeh? The bonded laborers who had their legs broken so they could not run, then thrown on top of a brick kiln where they were burnt alive in front of 1,200 people.

Their crime? They had taken a loan from their owner. Yes owner, not employer and he felt that they would not pay him back. So he falsely accused them of blasphemy and let the self-appointed God’s army do the rest.

Better violently and cruelly murdered than not pay him back?

Have we forgotten Mandi Bahauddin?

Have we forgotten Asia Bibi? She was also falsely accused to settle a dispute and has been behind bars for something she did not even do, for over 7 years.

I do admit that this is not sentiment shared by the majority of people in Pakistan. If that were the case, there would be no people left. But the ones who do, their number is high and disturbing enough to make an impact and spread.

“Jahaalat hai”

“Islam does not teach this”

“Islam teaches that to kill one is like killing all of mankind”

Yes, we all know this but it is quite clear they don’t. And to get them out of “jahalaat” en route to education and enlightenment, is still very far off. What do we do till then? Wait as minorities are knocked off one by one like dominoes?

We need to realize that the blasphemy law in Pakistan, whether we like it or not, whether we agree to it or not, is one of the most abused laws. It is used to cleanse neighborhoods, to vent personal hate and bigotry, to gain power, to gain control, etc.

A truly religious person content with himself and his faith would never resort to violence anyway. He would not even need such laws.

It’s high time we learnt that and just stopped looking at people based on their religion and just started seeing them as simply people.

Islam does not need saving. People do.

Read original post here: Pakistan: Christian teenager arrested for liking Kaaba’s picture on Facebook

DHA told to confiscate Musharraf’s properties

DHA told to confiscate Musharraf’s properties

KARACHI: A sessions court directed the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to confiscate properties of reti­red Gen Pervez Musharraf, it emerged on Thursday.

On the directive of the south district and sessions judge, a court official (Nazir) wrote a letter to the DHA administrator on July 26 asking him to attach four properties owned by the former military ruler within the jurisdiction of the DHA.

The DHA was asked to report progress over the matter within three days for its further transmission to the special court.

The court also directed that the properties, including a bungalow in Zamzama and three plots in other parts of the DHA, be attached under Section 88 (attachment of property of person absconding) of the criminal procedure code in connection with a high treason case pending against Gen Musharraf before a special court in Islamabad.

According to the letter, Gen Musharraf owns a bungalow in the Army Housing Scheme, Zamzama, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi, and three plots in the Army Housing Scheme, Part-II Clifton, Khayaban-i-Faisal, and Beach Street, Phase-VIII, DHA Karachi.

On July 19, a three-judge special court, headed by Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel, the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, had ordered the authorities to attach Gen Musharraf’s moveable and immovable properties since he had failed to turn up in the court since March despite several court orders.

Gen Musharraf left the country on March 18 after his name was removed from the Exit Control List after the Supreme Court upheld a Sindh High Court order removing his name from the ECL.

Source/Credit: Dawn