Nusrat Jehan Inter College


Nusrat Jehan Colleges are located in Rabwah Punjab Pakistan at Darul Rehmat East, adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque. It was established in 1987 and it is working under Nazarat Taleem. Its affiliation is with Aga Khan University Examination Board. Courses are taught in English as it is an English medium school. The name of school was changed when higher secondary education was introduced in the section for boys and it was named as Nusrat Jehan Academy and Inter College. Nusrat Jehan Colleges was established to provide higher education to young boys and girls in September 2011.

Nusrat Jehan Boys College

Nusrat Jehan Boys College (NJBC) is located in Darul Nasr West, Rabwah. It provides higher secondary education (HSSC) to boys. It also offers a number of undergraduate courses. Its affiliation is with University of the Punjab. Efforts are underway to affiliate NJBC with University of the Sargodha. Courses offered are Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, ICS and I-com.

Contact Details

Nusrat Jehan Academy & Inter College
Nusrat Jahaan Academy
Chenab Nagar
Punjab, 35460
Phone: +92 47 6212067
Web: http://www.nusratjehan.com

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