Khilafat Library

Khilafat Library

It was established on 18 January 1970 and its inauguration was held on 3 October 1971 by Mirza Nasir Ahmad. This building was funded by Fazl-e-Omar foundation and then the authority was given to Sadar Anjuman. As Mirza Bashir-u-Din Mahmood Ahmad Sahab was scholar of Quran and other books so he wanted to establish a library for the new coming generation. On this basis Fazl-e-Omar foundation built this library.

According to Muhammad Sadiq Nasir Sahab (Incharge of Khilafat Library) this Library was established when Mirza Hakim Noor-u-Din Sahab met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahab. So all the books of Mirza Hakim Noor-u-Din Sahab in Bhera was transferred to India. There were different libraries in India but with the passage of time all the libraries were merged.

After the partition of the Sub-continent people brought all the books with them to Pakistan. The library was first established in Lahore then it was migrated to Chiniot and then in 1949 library was migrated to Rabwah. In Rabwah the library was in Qasr-e-Khilafat then in 1971 after the inauguration of this building all the books were transferred here.

There are different sections in which General section, Hawala section, Computer section, Record room, Children section, Tabarukat section, Magazine section (150-200 members) are involved.

In Blinds section (all the members of Rabwah that are blind are members of this section and they are 25 in number). This section has a President and General Secretary that handles all the problems. There are special books and audio section for them.

Khilafat Library1

History of Rabwah has a different section in which all the Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Al-fazals are available. The total members that come to read newspaper are 200. In the Main Hall almost 100 members come to read books and issue books.

Khilafat Library2

In children section different books are available for children that are 7-15 years old. They can issue two books at a time. Almost 40-50 members come to read and issue books in this section. In summer vocations the Main Hall is filled because of the holidays. Almost 200 children come to read books in summer vocations.

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There is also an audio/video section and a computer section where all the books are feed on internet and from there members can download e-books according to author, writer and essays.

Text Section Book was established by Mirza Nasir Ahmad which was only established for those members that can’t afford books. Six books can be issued by the members at a time for two months.

Currently there are 22 staff members and they all divided in different sections. The staff is very co-operative.

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