Institute of special education

Institute of special education

Special education is a project of Nazarat Taleem. Institute of Special Education Rabwah started on 11 November, 2013. Total students enrolled are 132, total 80 students are attending in which 51 students are male and 29 students are female. 11 students are Hearing Impaired, 18 students are Cerebral Palsy and 4 students are Visually Impaired. Including 42 students that are Mentally Challenged and 5 students are Physically Challenged. Total faculty members are 15.


  • Lack of a purpose built school, currently housed in a temporary building.
  • Shortage of latest techniques and modern equipment.
  • Access to professional help like Clinical Psychologist, Nutritionist and Physiotherapist.
  • No quota for special people in local offices.
  • Medical research to curb / minimize this problem.

Interviews of Mothers

Interview 1

Mother of a child effected with Cerebral Palsy said that she cannot control her body. There is just physiotherapy treatment. Due to this her body is jammed. There is no one guide parents that how the child should sit, how to grab them and the biggest problem is that what the child should eat. This is a long term treatment. Mother said she won’t lose hope in Allah. Mother said that I never cry in front of her or else she will also cry.

Interview 2

Mother of a child effected with Hearing Impairment said that my child didn’t realized before that he could not hear but now when we are watching TV or cartoons then asks what they are saying on TV. Then I tell him with signs that they are saying this so he understands it.

Interview 3

Mother of a child with disabilities said that whenever we go to hospital people say Astaghfar Allah bless them and also says that obviously there parents would have done something due to which there child is disable.


First of there is a C1 group in which there are 4 sections (Pre-reading, Pre-writing and Math skills) are taught. Then other group is C2 in which children have seek to read and write. So they are taught how to write alphabets in English, Urdu writing and other math skills. In C3 group class one syllabus are taught. In hearing disable child there is also two groups C1 and C2. In visually impaired child there are three students one is in KG group and other two have good general knowledge such as they can write up to 1000 and also they can write Urdu and English alphabets. Our target is to teach them some vocational skills and also reading and writing skills then we will discharge them from school.


These children feel tired because they are always studying so there should be some sporting activities and also there should be trips arranged for them then they will feel that we are treated like normal children. They should also be introduced to other schools so that they should gain confidence.

The institute have treadmill and walkway for the disabled children on which they are dependent. This building is not suitable for disable children because it is very small.


“Every child is special let’s help them fulfil their dreams”