32-years-old Indian man

32-years-old Indian man becomes 81-years-old to go USA on fake visa

While looking at the old man in the picture above, you would not believe that he is only 32 years old. Jaish Patel was arrested by the Central Industrial Security Force of India at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi during the try to go to the USA on fake Visa.

At the time of his arrest, Jaish was wearing a long shirt, turban, and Shalwar. Not only that, Jaish was also sitting on a wheelchair to express himself with a disability. Jaish did not face any difficulty in clearing the airport’s initial security and he also cleared their immigration as well. His white beard and glasses resembled the picture on the passport.

When Jaish was asked to stand by the security forces, he claimed that he was disabled and could not stand. The security forces told him to stand up with the help of someone, and he stood completely fine then police noticed something unusual that there were not any wrinkles on his face.

Jaish said he wanted to go to America to start a new life. Jaish had previously applied for a visa but was rejected. He then hired an agent, who made him a fake visa.



Wife demands divorce

Wife demands divorce because her husband does not offers prayer.

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman in a Sharia court in the Nigerian state of Kaduna. In her claim, the woman has asked the court to cancel her marriage because her husband does not offer prayers.

The woman further alleges that her husband not only insults her but also often dishonors her parents, so she can no longer live with her husband.

The woman’s husband, on the other hand, denied the allegations of his wife, saying that he performs daily prayer five times a day and respects his mother-in-law, so the court should give him more time so that they can deal with each other and solve the issue.



missing person found by Google Map

22-year ago missing person found by Google Map

According to US media, on November 7, 1997, William Moult, 40, went missing from Lantana, Florida. He went to a nightclub and did not return. After much searching, the case was referred to the Police but no trace of William was found.

Google Map has solved the disappearance of a missing person for nearly 20 years. Google Map showed a car submerged in shallow water from which the remains of a missing person since 1997 was found.

On August 28, 22 years later, police said a vehicle was found in the Moon Bay Circle in Wellington. The car was found in a pond that has a human structure and after investigation, it was found to that this was William’s remains.


The car was identified when people there viewed their area on Google Map and found a car submerged in the pond. A local man then inspected the area with his drone and confirmed the car in the water while he told the administration and police of the area all the details.

According to police, the car was clearly visible in Google Maps images but no one had noticed it for 22 years. Police believe William’s car was drowned in the pond when he returned from a nightclub.





The Buzzer

Russia’s closed radio station has been transmitting mysterious signal for 35 years

In the middle of Russia’s swampy area is a building made of square iron gates. Behind the door’s, rusty bars are several radio towers, a building not too far from St. Petersburg.

It has been wrapped in mystery since the Cold War era. The building is the headquarters of a radio station called MDZhB: No one has ever claimed that he operates it but it transmits signals 24 hours a day from the last 35 years but its tune is bad and unrecognizable.

Every few seconds, a second voice is added to this radio. Once or twice a week there is the voice of a man or woman who reads one or two words in Russian. Anyone in the world can set this frequency to 4625 kHz and listen to this radio.

Interestingly, this radio station’s online fan is in the millions. People know this as The Buzzer, and there are also the other mysterious radio stations, The Pip and Squeaky Wheel. Surprisingly even listeners of these radio stations admit that they don’t know what they hear.





People caught in the waterfall rescued from a message locked in a bottle

According to details Curtis Watson, his friend, and 13-year-old son traveled to Central California in June. For enjoyment, they turned to the Arroyo Seco River and crossed a narrow canyon to reach a waterfall. There they intended to camp near the waterfall.

For this, they climbed over a rope and went to the campsite. there, it was found that there was a 40-foot high wall ahead and it was difficult to climb it.

Now when they decided to come back, the rope had dropped from that point and the flow of waterfall had become so fast that it was difficult to get out. On this occasion, the three were severely upset and their heart began to sink. Curtis Watson checked the phone and the signals were gone.

After that, his friend wrote on a paper: ‘We are stuck here in the waterfall, please help us.’ The paper was then put in a green plastic bottle and thrown into the river.


Fortunately, only half a kilometer away, two people found the bottle and contacted the rescue teams and after they were rescued.


buried alive

The 37-year-old living woman was pronounced dead and buried alive

We often hear incidents where the living man is considered as dead and buried in the grave and then someone passing through the cemetery hears voices from the grave. After which it is found that the one who is buried in the grave is actually alive.

Another incident has come to light. The 37-year-old woman was declared dead by the doctors after which she was buried. And the woman remained alive for eleven days. 11 days after a man was passing through the cemetery when he heard some noise from the grave.

So he informed the woman’s family at the same time, after which they reached the cemetery immediately to dig the grave of that women but it was too late.

When the woman’s coffin was opened, she was dead. After this news, people gathered in the cemetery everyone looked at the woman’s body and everyone agreed that the woman’s body was still warm.

There were bleeding marks and fresh bruises on the body of women. People confirmed that she tried so hard to get out from the grave but the could not open her shroud.



Crows are the enemy of a person for three years for killing their kid

In India, crows have been targeting a man for the past three years who accidentally killed their baby in his arms. Now, whenever he leaves the house the parents of that child crow attacks him.

Shivam is a laborer from Shimla village in Madhya Pradesh who has been the subject of daily cruelty and has been running for three years.

Three years ago he saw that baby crow stuck in a net and he tried to rescue that baby crow but when he was trying to pull him out the baby crow died in his arms, the parents of that baby crow were watching this.

Sheva said, “I was trying to save the bird and he died in my hands and his parents thought that I killed that crow now they attack me and I keep a stick with me to protect myself from tier attack.

These crows attack no one except him and now when he leaves the house people on the roads, stop to see how these crows attack him.


74-year-old woman

The 74-year-old woman became the oldest woman to give birth to twins

Mangayama, a 74-year-old woman from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has become the oldest woman to give birth at such a long age. She gave birth to two daughters.

The woman married Yaramati Sitarama Rajarao, a farmer from Nilaparithipodi village in 1962. Despite having too many visits to doctors and temples, they had no children for 54 years.

Last year when a neighbor of hers got pregnant with the IVF procedure at age 55, Mangiyama thought of becoming a mother in the same way.

Since Mangyama did not have diabetes and blood pressure, doctors at Guiller’s Nursing Home declared her fit to become a mother through IVF.

In the next nine months, ten doctors monitored her general, nutritional and cardiovascular health. On September 5, Mangayama became the mother of two twin daughters at the age of 74.