India may again commit aggression to divert attention from occupied Kashmir: PM

Addressing the Muslim community in North America, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Muslims love their Prophet PBUH, we have to keep terrorism and Islam separate, We have to work against Islamophobia, terrorism has nothing to do with religion, Islam is the religion of peace and teaches the peace.

The Prime Minister said that Muslims are being massacred in India, Indian organization RSS ideology is based on the thinking of Hitler and Mussolini, Pakistan will continue its efforts for peace in the world.

As many as 1.9 million Muslims in the Indian state of Assam are abolished and they are declared as foreigners, curfew has been imposed in the occupied valley for 26 days.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it looks like India will invade Pakistan again like in February, he feared that India could take some steps to divert attention from the occupied valley.


Indian Army Fires on LOC indiscriminately

India continues to violate Sezfire agreement on LOC, Indian Army indiscriminate firing and shelling in LOC Rawala coat sector, resulting in 2 civilian martyrdom and several injuries.

Assistant Commissioner says Indian army targeted wedding ceremony in Dera Sherkhan.

The Pak army has responded effectively to the Indian Army’s firing and attack. The effective operation of the Pak Army still underway says Assistant Commissioner Rawala coat


Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control

The Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control and entered occupied Kashmir

Indian media reports claim that Pakistani fighter jets crossed the LoC for a short time and entered occupied Kashmir. Indian media has further claimed that the jets of the Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control and entered Indian Air but soon returned. The Pak Air Force’s IL-78 air refueling tanker was very close to the Kashmir area and returned shortly after crossing the Line of Control.

Pak Air Force's IL-78 air refueling tanker

Pak Air Force’s IL-78 air refueling tanker

Indian media say that Pakistan has started to exploit the growing importance of the region in India, and Pakistan is planning something.

It may be recalled that India had revoked Article 370 in occupied Kashmir. After the termination of the special Article, occupied Kashmir would no longer be called a state but a federal unit, which would have a legislative assembly.

Not only this, but the Modi government also decided to split the occupied valley into two parts, separating Jammu and Kashmir from Ladakh, Ladakh would be declared a federally controlled area where there would be no assembly.



Kashmir issue

India can do anything to divert attention from Kashmir issue: PM

The Prime Minister said that Narendra Modi has gone the way of Hitler, it seems that the Indian government wants to commit genocide in occupied Kashmir while it seems that the offer of a trump mediation has prompted India to take this step. We risk that India can do anything to divert attention.

The Prime Minister said that reaction will come from occupied Kashmir. When curfew is lifted, there will be a severe reaction from within the valley. We have to win, so the role of the media is very important in the current situation

Imran Khan said that India tried to take advantage of the situation after the Pulwama, but for the first time after the Pulwama incident, our position was heard in the international community, India is trying to blacklist Pakistan in FATF, We do not want a warpath but it seems likely that the situation on the borders between Pakistan and India may worsen.

army to be ready for war

The Prime Minister ordered the army to be ready for war

The Prime Minister orders the army to be ready for war, August 14 to celebrate solidarity with Kashmiris and also to take matters related to Kashmir to the UN Security Council. Details of the National Security Council meeting chaired by the Prime Minister have been issued.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the army to be prepared. It has also been decided to take the matter related to Kashmir to the UN Security Council. At the meeting, the committee reviewed the situation arising out of unilateral and illegal acts of India.

India’s bold racial ideology policies will be exposed globally. On August 15, Black Day will be celebrated. It was decided that the bilateral arrangements between Pakistan and India would be reviewed again. Trade relations with India will be terminated. Diplomatic relations with India will also be terminated. There is also an option to ban Pakistani airspace for India

Indian ambassador

Pakistan has decided to expel the Indian ambassador from the country

The meeting of the National Security Committee is over. In the meeting, Pakistan has decided to take up the Kashmir issue in the United Nations while Pakistan has also decided to expel the Indian ambassador from the country. That Pakistan will withdraw its ambassador from India and the Indian ambassador will be discharged.

Pakistan has also decided to suspend trade relations with India. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also ordered the Pak army to be prepared. It is to be remembered that today a meeting of the National Security Committee on the issue of occupied Kashmir under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan was held, in which the present situation of occupied Kashmir was taken into consideration.

Pakistan has also decided to take up the Kashmir issue in the United Nations, while on Indian Independence Day will be celebrated on August 15 as Black Day. Imran Khan has ordered the army to be prepared, the statement said.


Imran Khan

The government is thinking to go to the International Criminal Court – Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan was giving Policy Statement in the National Assembly and said the government will present the Kashmir case to the UN Security Council, including the General Assembly. I know the West, They do not know the reality of what is happening to the Kashmiris.

Imran Khan said to the opposition that “I request the opposition if you do not want this session to run, I  will sit down.” then Shahbaz Sharif stopped the opposition members from slogging.

He said when I came into the government, I said, “Take a step forward, We will increase the two. We talked about improving relations with Afghanistan and Iran. Also in the US, we tried to eliminate past issues so that we can move towards stability.”

We were trying to negotiate with India that the Pulwama incident happened. There were elections, they were aiming to win the election by making it an issue. Pakistani forces responded tremendously. We returned their pilot to tell them that we did not want war. Then at a conference, we saw that they were weakening our peace efforts. I asked the US President that you play the role of arbitrator.


Pakistan's eastern border

India increase military preparation on Pakistan’s eastern border


Indian Army has increased its military readiness on Pakistan’s eastern border. Media reports have said that India suffering from war madness is not taking any name for withdrawal. And all military and air bases have been alerted.

Indian media reports said that along with increasing the number of troops on Pakistani borders, military equipment is being transported there. In all these situations, tensions have increased in the region.
UN military observers have also started coming to the Line of Control, where Pakistani authorities have been briefed by the Indian Army on the civilian population’s firing and ammunition.

After the extraordinary movement of the Indian Army, the Azad Kashmir administration has also been given high alert.

Indian spy

Pakistan formally offers consular access to Indian spy

Pakistan has formally offered to give India consular access to the Indian Spy and Terrorist. In this regard, the spokesman of the Foreign Office, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, said that it has been decided to give consular access to Indian spy and terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav tomorrow, only we are waiting for a reply from India.

The spokesman said India was notified on Friday of consular access to India. Remember that Pakistan had decided to give consular access to the Indian spy. According to a Foreign Ministry statement issued on July 18, Indian Commander Kulbhushan Yadav will be given consular access. Counseling access to Klubhushan lists will be granted under Pakistani laws.

It should be noted that Pakistan defeated India in the International Court of Justice in the Kalbhushan Yadav case. The International Court of Justice ruled that Kalbhushan Yadav is an Indian terrorist and his passport in the name of Hussein Mubarak Patel is also genuine. International court rejects India’s request for release of Kulbhushan memorandum, but under Vienna Convention also allows India consular access to Klubhushan memorandum and asks Pakistan to take action in this regard.


Indian hackers

Indian hackers hack Murray College Sialkot website

Hackers posted a picture of India’s flag on the site, while an Indian anthem was played in the background.

Indian hackers have hacked the website of Murray College Sialkot. Allama Iqbal, an artist of Pakistan, studied Intermediate and BA from Murray College Sialkot.

Now Indian hackers have hacked Murray College website. Indian hackers posted a picture of the flag of India on the site while the Indian anthem sounded in the background.

It is not yet known when the website is hacked but the site is currently down and the hackers are in control.