Indian families stranded in Pakistan appeal for help.

Two families from India who were visiting Pakistan are now stranded in Pakistan due to the closure of the Attari-Wagah border amid coronavirus fears.

Mohammad Anwar, a resident of Qadian came to visit Pakistan along with his wife and daughter but got stranded in Chenab Nagar. Speaking to Punjab Gazette, he said:

“I traveled to Pakistan via Wagah border on March 12 with my wife and daughter to meet my in-laws, But we got stuck here due to the border closure”

Anwar is not alone, his cousin Rafiq Ahmed who is also a resident of Qadian has been stuck in Chenab Nagar with his Pakistani wife and daughter for the past month.

Both families have appealed to the Indian authorities for help, so they can return to their homes in India.

India-Pakistan border was closed on March 18th due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, there are over 100 Indians, including Kashmiri students, currently stranded in Pakistan. On April 16th, 41 Pakistani nationals, were allowed to return to Pakistan via Wagah border. Similarly, another group of 169 Pakistanis crossed over from India into Pakistan on May 5th. Surprisingly no Indian national stranded in Pakistan has been allowed to return home so far.

Ahmadis excluded from Pakistan’s Minorities Commission.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday backtracked on his decision to include Ahmadis in the National Commission for Minorities.

During a cabinet meeting with his top minister, PM Khan approved a memo submitted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony urging the cabinet to exclude Ahmadis due to the “religious and historical sensitivity of the issue.”

The same cabinet on April 29th had ordered the Ministry of Religious Affairs to include the Ahmadis, saying that:

“The Ahmadi community, being a minority in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan, should also be represented in the Commission.”

The decision to give representation to Ahmadis triggered a nationwide backlash against the government. To quell the backlash the Ministry proposed that the cabinet drop its prior decision to include Ahmadis, stating that:

“So far decision at 1(c) is concerned, Ministry proposes that representative of Ahmadi community must not be included in the NCM, given the religious and historical sensitivity of the issue”

The Ahmadis who claim to be Muslim were declared “non-Muslim” in 1974 and have since been severely persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Pakistan to include Ahmadis in National Commission for Minorities.

Pakistan on Wednesday announced the inclusion of minority Ahmadis in the National Commission for Minorities.

According to 92 News, the federal cabinet on April 20 had approved plans by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to reorganize the commission. However, the proposal did not include a representative of the Ahmadi community.

Subsequently, several Ministers raised the issue with PM Khan and suggested that Ahmadis be included in the commission. Accepting the suggestion by the Ministers PM Imran Khan on Wednesday directed that the National Commission for Minorities be overhauled to include Ahmadis. PM Khan further directed that an updated memo be sent to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The commission will compromise of 7 official members and 8 non-official members.

Former ‘Harf e Raaz’ co-host lashes out at Orya Maqbool Jan.

In a leaked call, former co-host of ‘Harf e Raaz’ lashed out against Orya Maqbool Jan for being a “hypocrite” and having an “illicit relationship” with the show’s producer.

The damning claims were made by Jameel Farooqui in a phone call with Canada’s Rawal TV. Farooqui lamented that due to the nature of his job he was forced to share the screen with someone who had “extremist views”. He claimed:

“If negative emotions arose against one person within a selected community then I am sure it would have been the same for the second person [who was sharing the screen with him].”

Calling Jan extremely ignorant Farooqui said, ” He talks about enforcing the Islamic faith….however, he has no intellect, his brain is another girl in our office, who is the producer of his program for the past eight years.”

Referring to Jan’s romantic involvement with his program producer, he said:

“He goes on dates with her, with rooms booked. He picks her up and drops her home daily, everyone knows that, and dares to call her his daughter”

While referring to Harf e Raaz’s producer, Farooqui said: “She was associated with Hizb ul Tahrir, an extremist Jihadi group. She greatly admires Jan and all she wants is him on the screen, and he does what she demands”

Chiniot district became the first district in Pakistan to control the coronavirus.

Chiniot (Web Desk) Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Riaz has said that 10 out of 10 patients of Corona in Chiniot district have recovered and gone home, thank God there are no patients infected with Coronavirus in the district at present, he said. In a meeting at his office, he added that the last three patients of Corona from Quarantine Center Fast University have also been sent home after two negative reports. This is a special grace and grace of Allah Almighty. The recovery of these patients has raised the spirits of the doctors and medical staff on coronavirus duty, said Dr. Mushtaq Bashir Akif, CO Health, Dr. Congratulating the staff of other departments, he said that they pay tribute to those who fought against Corona on the front line who worked day and night to make this mission a success. He said that the district administration, police and Pakistan Army Officials are on high alert at all times, he said in his message to the citizens that the district Collaborate with management and stay at home following SOPs.

Coronavirus kills another Pakistani player.

RACHI: Olympic Haji Mohammad Afzal Pahlawan died in the United States after a lion from the Corona outbreak.

National wrestler Haji Mohammad Afzal was 85 years old, Haji Mohammad Afzal was born on January 1, 1935 and was based in New York. He also trained many famous wrestlers. Were successful, the success of the bronze middle would have been their destiny.

In 1960, then-President Ayub Khan conferred on Haji Mohammad Afzal in recognition of national service. He was honored with Sher-e-Pakistan Award, his 3 sons residing in the US and one in Lahore. Infected, the funeral prayers of the national wrestlers will be offered in the United States.

Pakistan: Two people of propaganda ended at COVID, Ahmadi reaches the doctor’s grave: spokesman Jamaat Ahmadiya.

ISLAMABAD: Ahmadi Dr. Naqi-ud-Din, who was recently killed on duty in the Coronavirus, was buried in a graveyard dedicated to Ahmadis in Islamabad.
Ahmadiya party spokesman Salimuddin claimed on Twitter account that two people, who described themselves as members of the Prophecy Movement yesterday, arrived in Ahmadiya Cemetery in Islamabad and inquired about Dr. Naqiuddin’s grave.

On being asked, they were told that they had been sent by government officials and they came to inspect the grave of Dr. Naqi who was recently killed in Karuna and buried in the cemetery.

The spokesperson added that the cemetery administration immediately contacted the relevant SHO and they were told that no authority was allowed by any authority to visit the cemetery and such elements should not be allowed at all.

An attempt was made to speak to a spokesman for the prophetic end in this regard, but he could not get a response. Human rights organizations have condemned the incident, expressing concern.

It should be remembered that people belonging to the Ahmadi religion have been declared non-Muslims in Pakistan and since then they have faced religious extremism and hatred as a minority.

Breaking News Ready to rain again!!

The coldest winter is coming along – # Punjab # Balochistan Khyber # Pakhtunkhwa West # Sindh # Islamabad # Kashmir –

This Sunday and #Sunday, a powerful western # rain stream will affect different areas of Pakistan – which is expected to rain again in #Pakistan’s dimensions and heavy snow is expected in the mountains.

Before the rains, this Thursday # Friday and Saturday the coldest # cold # wave will affect Pakistan – Temperatures can reach minus 9 in Punjab and minus 9 in Balochistan.

Pakistan: Balochistan will be rallying power system in Pakistan from Saturday night – The intensity of this system is going to be very high in Balochistan – Rain will fall in the dimensions of Balochistan on Sunday. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa #Punjab and western Sindh Kashmir will extend to Salamanabad – Rain throughout Punjab and KP. There is a possibility of rain in western Sindh.

Quetta Ziarat will also have the worst snowfall – Murree Nathiagli Abbottabad Kalam Malam Jabba Kashmir and Gilgit are likely to receive good snow.

\u0as well as high surface pressure in the Arabian Sea, will be affected – this will once again lead to heavy rainfall in Balochistan and Punjab towards Indian Punjab – and will provide heavy rainfall. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northwest Punjab are relatively low while East Punjab and Kashmir are expected to receive more rainfall – Balochistan will receive heavy rainfall – Western Sindh good rainfall is possible.

Here’s the #details of the city and each province.

Punjabasmos: –

Good rains are possible on Monday and Tuesday in Punjab- East Punjab and northern Punjab may receive heavy rainfall – chances of thunderstorms may occur – thunderstorms may occur – heavy rainfall will be on east Punjab- Mianwali scattered And other rains are expected in the northwest region.

Heavy cold wave will hit the country from the night before the rains today – Negative 1 south Punjab Punjab may drop to minus 1/1 or zero and central Punjab to zero degrees.

North Punjab: –

\u003d Rainfall will be Monday, Monday – Sialkot Narwal Shakargarh Malik Daska Gujrat Gujranwala Lahore Kharian Lala Musa Pindi Bhatti Kamoki Chakwal Attock Jhelum Rawalpindi Kotla Khwajar Gujar Khan Sohawa Phalia Attock Mandi Bahauddin Tahid Jinnah Tundi Tung Khat. Good rainfall is possible in all northern Punjab including Thale.
Chance of thunderstorms and thunderstorms are possible – strong winds will accompany it – rainfall amounts maybe 15 to 20 mm.

It will be accompanied by severe cold – the temperature may drop to minus 1 – snow is possible on the scissor.

Central Punjab: –

Lahore Kamoki Sheikhupura Kasur Rai Wind Manga Mandi Nankana Sahib Okara Depalpur Sahiwal Pakpattan Patoki Khushal Faisalabad Aarfwala Mian Chenchai Watani Maritime Pir Palace Gojra Jadala Walla Gago Mandi Hafizabad Eighteen Hazara Tehulah Jhalaghala Tehilah Jalhala Kahalakhala Kamalika. Moderate to heavy rains are possible in all central Punjab including Chiniot Abdul Ahkim Sargodha Murid – 15 to 20 mm on the eastern belt and 10 to 15 mm on the western belt.

\u003d\u003d Lahore is expected to rain on Monday and Tuesday – 15 to 25 mm rainfall.

 The next 72 hours will be the coldest – temperatures may drop to zero.
Rain will be mostly on Monday.

Southern Punjab:-

Most rain will be on Monday.

\u003d Bahawalnagar Harunabad Chishtian Fawcett Abbas Hasilpur Khairpur Bahawalpur Borawala Vehari Melissa Khanewal Multan Kadur Pak Muzaffargarh Dera Ghazi Khan Tonsa Sakhi Sarwar Leah Chowk Prime Town Gujrat Ahmedpur Good rainfall is possible – rainfall amounts 7 to 15 mm. There is a risk of thunderstorms – thunderstorms are possible

\u003d\u003d Alipur Jalalpur Rajanpur Jamspur Rojhan Rahim Yar Jan Sadiqabad Khanpur Liaquatpur Duniyapur Jehaniyan Lodhran is also likely to receive light to moderate rainfall.
Temperatures may drop to zero or 1 degree on the day of tomorrow and Saturday – severe fog may occur in some places.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: –

The intensity of the rain will be mostly moderate – on January 12 and January 13 –
The rain will be intermittent in most parts of the province from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning.
Moderate to heavy rains are expected – up to 10 to 15 mm. Rainfall is possible up to 35 in northern areas. Most rains will be Sunday night and Monday.
\u003d 10 to 15 mm rainfall expected in Bannu Dera Ismail Khan will be higher on Monday – accompanied by severe cold

The province is likely to receive heavy snowfall – the mountains will receive heavy snowfall.Peshawar Dera Ismail Khan Mardan Bannu Hat Tank Kirk Khyber-Pari Chinar Nowshera Dir Swabi Kalachi Mansehra Kohat Buner Butt Khel Landi Kotal Swabi Hangu Haripur Abbottabad Cap Hole Chitral Mingora Swat Barash Kalam Jabhi Bush Amount of Chinar Abbottabad Basham will be 20 to 35 mm long.Chitral Abbottabad Para Janar Swat Kalam Malam Jabba will receive heavy snowfall – snow up to 2 feet.

Extreme cold wave will hit the province tomorrow night on Saturday and Saturday – freezing temperatures