Discussion on social media on the picture of Ertugrul’s actress Isra Bilgich: ‘How can you do this to us, Halima Baji!’

Ever since the Turkish drama Ertugrul was shown in Pakistan, viewers have been showing great interest in its characters, story, and dialogues.

Whether it is Arzgharl’s expression of love for Halima in the play or the beauty of Isra Bulgich who plays the role of Halima Sultan, all of them are mentioned a lot on social media.

Due to such an interest in drama, many people have started following the actors playing these roles on social media. And when they don’t see their favorite characters in that particular color as they see them in the play, their reaction starts trending on social media.

Some fans could not digest this aspect of the life of the actress after seeing the actress Isra Bilgich in a glamorous way in her real-life apart from the role of Halima. For them, Isra is only Halima

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 of march every year. it is an initiative of United Nation (UNESCO) in November 1999.World poetry day is a time to appreciate poets of all nations, languages from all over the world.
The main objective of United Nation is to promote poetry and
create awareness about poetry and its role in arts and in our culture.In most parts of the world, this day is celebrated by organising seminars, conferences on Poetry in schools, colleges and universities. Many government representatives, agencies and people individually engage themselves in these programmes.World poetry day is also an opportunity for children’s to introduce poetry into their classes and they can learn about the history of their poets.
Special evenings are also organised to showcase the work of famous poets.

All Rabwah Football tournament started with a draw

All Rabwah Football tournament started with a draw

All Rabwah Football tournament has started from Tuesday 2-03-2016 with the opening match between Yaman B and Sadar B block. In the opening match of the competition was between Yaman B and Sadar B block. The match was ended in a 0-0 draw. Both teams got several chances to take lead but could not convert the opportunities’ into the goals. However Yaman team had the home advantage but the team Yaman could not finish as a winner side.

Remember that 16 teams are taking part in the tournament and all the teams has been divided into 4 groups with four teams in each group. Two teams from each group will go through the quarter finals of the competition.

MKA organizing All Rabwah beach ball volleyball tournament

MKA organizing All Rabwah beach ball volleyball tournament

Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami Rabwah will orgnise All Rabwah beach volleyball tournament. Every team will be comprised on two players. The tournament will be played on open choice system which means that any player can join any other player from all over Rabwah. The entry fee for the tournament will be only one hundered for each pair. Anyone who wants to take part in the tournament can contact to Majlis Khudanm Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami.

Nazarat Taleem Organized a special ceremony for Disable Children

Nazarat Taleem Organized a special ceremony for Disable Children

Nazarat Taleem

Nazarat Taleem has started a school for special children in Rabwah. It is a revolutionary project in which Nazarat Taleem has started delivering all the basic and necessary facilities for disable children in the separate school including special buses to pick and drop and much more.

Institute for special education Rabwah held its annual event and carnival‪ Nazarat taleem ‪Institute for special education Rabwah. In this special ceremony all the important intellectuals from Rabwah were invited. A number of stalls were set from the children the building was decorated with flowers and different interesting events were displayed for the special children.

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