UAE Embassy praises Ahmadis for New Year’s cleanup.

UAE Embassy praises Ahmadis for New Year’s cleanup.
The UAE Embassy UK has praised Ahmadi volunteers for cleaning up British streets after New Year’s Eve celebrations.

More than 1,000 young Ahmadi Muslims across Britain took part in the annual new year day clean up, which was organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association.

Tagging the twitter account of Ahmadiyya Community, the UAE Embassy UK said:

Great example of community spirit here @alislam

The statement was accompanied by a tweet from Jaber Al Lamki, Executive Director of UAE’s National Media Council, who said:

Ahmadis call out BJP MP Rakesh Sinha for his ‘enemies of India’ comment.

India’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has condemned the remarks made by BJP MP Rakesh Sinha after he accused them of being “enemies of India”.

During a political debate on India TV which aired on December 22nd, member of Rajya Sabha, Rakesh Sinha said that:

“Ahmadis have deep links with terrorism against India, they are enemies of India and there is no way we can give space to Ahmadis in India”

The Ahmadiyya Community in India condemned the remarks in “strongest terms”, spokesperson for the community K Tarique Ahmad said that:

Remarks made by MP Sinha are untrue and false, the community condemns the remarks in the strongest terms and demands that MP Sinha withdraw his statement.

Ahmadis call out BJP MP Rakesh Sinha for his ‘enemies of India’ comment

Ahmadis call out BJP MP Rakesh Sinha for his ‘enemies of India’ comment

Tarique added that:

Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a peace-loving community, Our Motto is LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE. Each and every member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India is loyal to his/her country, who consider love for one’s country to be part of faith and is always ready to offer services for the prosperity of the country. Ahmadis have also rendered selfless services in the flood-affected areas in India last year. The community always raises its voice against extremism at every stage. The history of this Community is evident to the fact that since 130 years of its establishment it has strived hard to establish Peace in the country and the world. So it is completely unjust and unlawful to connect this peaceful Ahmadiyya community with terrorism, which shows the ignorance of the statement holder.

Deputy Commissioner Chiniot visits Rabwah’s Church on Christmas Eve.

Chinote. Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Riaz and DPO Syed Hasanin Haider visit Chenab Nagar Church High, overview of security and other arrangements, according to details Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Riaz and DPO Syed Hasanin Haider visited Church High in Chenab Nagar, They reviewed the security arrangements there on Christmas Eve and checked the deployment of police personnel, rescue 1122, civil defense and other related departments on both internal and external routes.


Lord Ahmad attended the official opening of the Cambridge Mosque.

Lord Ahmad attended the official opening of the Cambridge Mosque alongside Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The design for the £23m Mosque has been inspired by both Islamic and English religious architectural traditions. Described as Europe’s first eco-mosque it is equipped with solar panels, relies on green energy and aims for a zero-carbon footprint.


World Court orders probe into the Ethnicgenocide of Rohingya Muslims.

The Hague: The International Court of Crimes (ICC) has ordered an inquiry into the genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

The court said that the Myanmar Rohingya have been subject to widespread human rights violations against Muslims, though Myanmar is not a member of the International Court of Justice but because these crimes have occurred near the Bangladesh border and Bangladesh is a member of the International Court of Justice. Therefore, the court has jurisdiction.
The US declares a barbaric council against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar