First online shop for Rabwah which facilitates the people who are living outside the Pakistan, to share their joys with their relatives, friends and families in Rabwah. This app enables you to send gift (Pizza, Burger, Sweets, Flowers, Gift Packs etc) to your family and friends in a simple way.

My Jalsa Salana-applicationMy Jalsa Salana

Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) initiated by Hadhrat Promised Messiah with the aim of uplifting community members spiritually and Socially. Thousands of delegates gathered annually in different parts of the world to promote a sense of peace and tranquility. The event is broadcast live Globally via satellite with simultaneous translation in multiple languages. The typical venue consists of a main auditorium, where all the speeches are presented and also serves as a Salat center. Facilities like transport, Food Service areas,Book stalls,First aid/Medical Services,Exhibitions,Parking and Bazaar are managed by a sizable fleet of volunteers. This app serves as a guidance and provide information about all these facilities, including maps, programs and Salat timings.


Ijtema1000 is an app providing basic information about national Ijtema of Majlis Ansarullah,USA
Key Features:
1. Program
2. Accommodation
3. Travel Subsidy
4. Ijtema Updates
5. Historical Attendance
6. About Ijtema
7. Maps
8. Amilah members list
9. Venue
10. Video gallery