A mosque has been temporarily converted into a supermarket to help those in need during a lockdown in Turkey.

According to the Arab News Agency, the lockdown in Turkey is continuing like in other countries due to Corona, due to which the poor people there have been deprived of essential food items and every effort is being made to help them.

The Didiman Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, has been temporarily converted into a supermarket to help the poor.

According to the report, the racks kept in the premises of Didiman Mosque have been filled with rations so that the deserving can come and take the necessary items home with them.

The racks contain pulses, rice, flour, pasta, beverage bottles, biscuits, and other food items.

Regarding the distribution of rations, the Imam of the mosque said that since the ban on congregational prayers in mosques, it has occurred to me why these racks should be filled with rations so that the needy people can leave the premises with the necessary items. Be and keep the social distance.

While taking rations, only two needy people are called in with masks and gloves. The rest of the people waiting outside to take precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

The Imam of the mosque said that all the philanthropists and welfare organizations from all over the world can be involved in this charity. We will not take money from anyone but help can be given in the form of items.

The mosque administration said that a regular list was also prepared to distribute rations to all the beneficiaries so that a message could be sent to them that they could come to the mosque and collect the goods for which the local authorities were contacted and consulted.

According to media reports, the service has been running for the past two weeks and 120 needy people are benefiting from it every day.

Coronavirus situation in Turkey
Turkey has seen a sharp rise in corona cases since last week, with the total number of victims now at 98,674 and the death toll at 2,376.

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