If you log into third-party apps through Facebook or Twitter, your personal information may be stolen.
Twitter has posted a notice on its website, stating that some third-party developer OneAudience Software Developer Kit has taken users’ email, username and last tweet with the company’s tool.

Can share via Facebook says they too have fallen victim to One Audience and intend to notify consumers.
Twitter says it’s not a Twitter application or platform malfunction, but rather a problem with software developer kits in the application. The company said that they have no evidence to show that the error has been exploited.

Twitter says they are also contacting Apple and Google in this regard.
The company says users should delete all apps that have been downloaded from third-party app stores.
Facebook says it blocks access to the app’s login if they receive a policy violation from the app. The company has also written letters to One Audience and Mobyburn (another SDK offering similar functions to One Audience). Facebook will also inform about 9.5 million users.

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