Chenab Nagar: Nine-year-old child holds the record of the government’s DG Skills program and sets the record This course will be conducted where children spend time all day watching cartoons.

There are those who love their homeland and think in their future thinking that education should give our nation the strength to stand up against the developed nations. Qamar Munir Akbar, a resident of Chinawat, may also be one of the children. Nfarmysn technology acquired through training programs are Digiskills
Qamar Manira Kabar Govt honored as the youngest student by taking AutoCAD and Graphics Designing course in Pakistan’s DG Skills program. Have been
DG Skills Program The Government of Pakistan has launched a program for unemployed youth under which virtual courses will be provided to one million unemployed youths, after completing them, young people will be able to find employment online at home. According to this program, young countries can take Pakistan on a new path of development.

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