Paris: Pigeons are seen in cities with one leg and now there is a strange reason why they are infected with human hair.

One of the main reasons why many pigeons are found in the legs is that the pigeons are left on their own, spreading infection in the paws and losing their feet.

According to some people, the various chemicals and the environment itself are making them infected, causing them to swell up and fall.
But bird experts have also reviewed the hair wrapped in their legs. They believe that clumps of human hair cling to the feet of these helpless birds, and they gradually restrict blood pressure. It paralyzes the feet or falls down.
That’s why Friedrich Jigau, a French Museum of Natural History expert, reviewed the whole of Paris, along with his colleagues. They reviewed the population, environment and pigeons at 46 places and found that where noise, population and air pollution were high, the number of paralyzed pigeons was higher than in other areas.

Then where barbershops and hairdressing parlors were high, paralyzed pigeons got more as hair was coming out of the atmosphere and reaching pigeons. According to Dr. Faridharkh, the birds themselves do not get entangled in the hair, but the hair follicles that fall beneath their feet rapidly become tight and gradually become tight, leaving the pigeon’s delicate foot paralyzed.

Experts have written in their report that if vegetation is high in an area, pigeons are happy to live there and their footprint decreases.

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