The Hague: The International Court of Crimes (ICC) has ordered an inquiry into the genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

The court said that the Myanmar Rohingya have been subject to widespread human rights violations against Muslims, though Myanmar is not a member of the International Court of Justice but because these crimes have occurred near the Bangladesh border and Bangladesh is a member of the International Court of Justice. Therefore, the court has jurisdiction.
The US declares a barbaric council against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

The International Court of Justice ruled that there was a reasonable basis for believing that Rohingya committed violent acts under a deliberate plan against Muslims that fall into the category of human rights abuses and crimes, so the court borders Bangladesh And orders an investigation into the events in Myanmar.
To be clear, African country Gambia, with the support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), brought the case against Myanmar to the international court, arguing that Myanmar violated human rights, was a military force against Muslims in the Muslim minority region. Action.

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