Virginia: Scientists teach small rats how to drive small cars in the greed on food. This will highlight on the learning capacity of the small creatures. This will also enable the humans to understand which factors influence learning and how learning new things lessens anxiety.

A scientist, Kelly Lambert from the University of Richmond in Virginia tried to teach rats the complicated task of driving cars and in the seek to know whether rats are able to learn this or not.

For this purpose, small cars were made out of clean food boxes and having aluminum floors.  For the steering wheels; they had three paw-gripping copper bars. When the rats stood on the aluminum floor and gripped the steering wheel, this completed the electrical circuit. This powered the car and the car stared to move in the direction the rat pulled the bar. 

6 female and 11 male rats were taught driving in a 4 square meter rectangular place. Whenever they put their claws onto the steering and started to move the car, they would get some sweet goody as a prize. Then this prize was placed at different distances to make the rats move ahead in the greed of this food. In this way, the rats moved further and became experts in driving. 

The scientists observed that the rats became less anxious when they started to drive the cars and the hormones which cause stress and loneliness were produced lesser. This proved that rats are eager to learning new things and can adjust themselves to different situations.

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