Beijing: Yesterday, the fifth annual exhibition of helicopters ended in Tianjin, a city in southeastern China. The defence department of China also presented a “flying saucer” at this exhibition. In reality, this is not a UFO, but it is the prototype of the latest helicopter which will go through the trial flights in the coming year, 2020. 

The details tell us that this strange looking helicopter is named as “Super Great White Shark” that is the name taken from a speedy and dangerous shark. 

The Chinese representative website “Global Times” has published news regarding this and it says that the Super Great White Shark is not totally round in shape, but it is an over shaped helicopter like an egg which is 7.6 meters long and 2.85 meters wide. 

At its centre, there is a cockpit with enough space to fit in two pilots. This is capable of taking off and landing straight on the ground and for this purpose a 4.9 meters wide central rotor system is present. 

To move swiftly forwards, two additional turbojet engines are fitted inside it and with the help of these engines, it is able to travel with the wonderful speed of 650 kilometres per hour.

It can be armed with many different types of missiles that can fire into the sea from land and air and it can also be armed with the latest weapons including machine guns.

The Chinese report that this UFO styled helicopter is of the same level as that of the latest fighter helicopters. An additional benefit is that it has got “stealth technology” which makes it invisible from the radars and this property is very important for any military aircraft or helicopter.

This UFO-like helicopter can take off at a speed of 16.5 meters per seconds and reach up to the heights of 6000 meters. Whereas, at the take-off time, it can carry loads up to 6000 kilograms.

The western media is criticizing this latest Chinese invention by saying that China has made such a toy that can just be placed in showcases and will never be able to fly in the air.

One American magazine wrote that this type of projects has been researched in the past by the USA and the Soviet Union, but they were never able to make any such prototype. So, it is before time to tell whether Super Great White Shark would be able to compete with the latest military helicopters of this time including Viper, Eurocopter, Sikorski. 

A representative of the Chinese government has been stated to say that even if this scheme fails, then still they (the Chinese defence departments) would learn much from this experience.


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