Holland: The founding stone of the city of Almere was laid on September 20, 1975. Prior to that, no land was here, it was just part of a sea. The literal meaning of the word Almere is “big lake” or some other people translate it as “modern lake”. At this time, the total population of Almere is about 2 lack and people of more than 142 different countries belonging to different nations reside here. 

A very noteworthy thing about the city of Almere is that everyone is free to construct anything of their own choice here. “Bait ul Afiyat” mosque is the seventh of mosque of this city and the first mosque of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community in this region. 

In 2012, a land of 1,436 square meters was purchased for the mosque, while, during construction, a further land of 247 square meters was also added for the mosque. This way, the total span of this mosque now equals 1,683 square meters. Initially, this land was purchased for 2 lack and 76 thousand Euros.  The mosque is constructed on 634 square meters. 18 lack Euros were approximately spent on the construction of this mosque. The mosque building consists of two storeys, the underground portion is made into a multi-purpose hall and offices, whereas, the top floor consists of a missionary house.





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