Football is the most loved game in the whole African continent. Not just kids, but the elders also love to play this game.

On seeing this love for football, the Ahmadiyya community organizes “Ahmadiya cup” in Tanzania before the Jalsa Salana since the past 3 years. On one hand, this tournament indulges the Ahmadi youth and the game-lovers and on the other hand, this tournament also provides a platform to spread the message of true Islam to the non-Ahmadi people. All of the tournament matches are arranged in the football ground present in the Jalsa Gah. This is located in Dar e Salam, at some distance from Kitonga. By means of this football tournament, Jalsa Salana Tanzania is announced to the people of that area.

The management team of this tournament works under one of the teams of the Jalsa Salana. Gradually, this tournament is progressing and getting famous in the neighbouring areas too. Many famous teams of Dar e salaam region and the surrounding areas take part in this tournament. Many other Leagues are also organized all the year-round, but due to the peaceful environment and the high level of matches in this tournament, most of the teams prefer to play in the tournament organized by the Ahmadiya jama’at.


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