missing person found by Google Map

According to US media, on November 7, 1997, William Moult, 40, went missing from Lantana, Florida. He went to a nightclub and did not return. After much searching, the case was referred to the Police but no trace of William was found.

Google Map has solved the disappearance of a missing person for nearly 20 years. Google Map showed a car submerged in shallow water from which the remains of a missing person since 1997 was found.

On August 28, 22 years later, police said a vehicle was found in the Moon Bay Circle in Wellington. The car was found in a pond that has a human structure and after investigation, it was found to that this was William’s remains.


The car was identified when people there viewed their area on Google Map and found a car submerged in the pond. A local man then inspected the area with his drone and confirmed the car in the water while he told the administration and police of the area all the details.

According to police, the car was clearly visible in Google Maps images but no one had noticed it for 22 years. Police believe William’s car was drowned in the pond when he returned from a nightclub.





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