PYSF 2019

On Thursday 12th September more than 523 Rabwah players took part in various sports wearing shirts of their respective teams on which Pakistan Zindabad and Khadim Rabwah are Printed.

Tahir Hameed Sahib, the supervisor of the Festival Tournament at the Festival, said that the Futsal game was being played in Semanted Court for the first time in Rabwah.

And a large number of spectators are coming to support their teams. Nasar Gharbi Habib, Darul-Anavar, Nusratabad, Yemen wasti Salaam and Yemen wasti Hamd won their matches day on 12th September.

Hafiz Ata-ul-Naeem while presenting the report on the Cricket matches said that 66 teams are participating in this. These matches are taking place at the Horse Racing Ground.

In the day before yesterday’s thrilling competitions, Tahirabad Garbi, Naseer Abad Sultan, Nasar Garbi Iqbal, Nasir Abad Sharqi, won their matches of Cricket.

For the first time, a water polo tournament has been held in Rabwah. This game’s supervisor, Waqar Ghumin Sahib, said that there are great competitions in the swimming pool where the sport is taking place and a large number of people are participating and supporters are also rushing in a great amount to support their teams.

The competition of Rowing has been also taken place at the Chenab River in which more than 50 players have participated.

Pakistan Youth Sports Festival undergoes its first round, followed by the second and third final rounds starting later this month.




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