buried alive

We often hear incidents where the living man is considered as dead and buried in the grave and then someone passing through the cemetery hears voices from the grave. After which it is found that the one who is buried in the grave is actually alive.

Another incident has come to light. The 37-year-old woman was declared dead by the doctors after which she was buried. And the woman remained alive for eleven days. 11 days after a man was passing through the cemetery when he heard some noise from the grave.

So he informed the woman’s family at the same time, after which they reached the cemetery immediately to dig the grave of that women but it was too late.

When the woman’s coffin was opened, she was dead. After this news, people gathered in the cemetery everyone looked at the woman’s body and everyone agreed that the woman’s body was still warm.

There were bleeding marks and fresh bruises on the body of women. People confirmed that she tried so hard to get out from the grave but the could not open her shroud.


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