At least 31 people have been killed due to panic in Karbala

At least 31 people have been killed and dozens injured in result of panic and disorder on the eve of Ashur in the Iraqi city of Karbala.

According to international media reports, the incident occurred in the city of Karbala, 100 km south of the capital, Baghdad, where a large number of people tried to pass a small passage at once and the passage collapsed which caused the death of at least 31 people.

Iraqi Ministry of Health spokesman Saif al-Badr confirmed the death of 16 people, saying more than 70 were injured.


electric vehicle policy

Government formulates first electric vehicle policy, CNG stations to be closed

Government formulates first electric vehicle policy, all CNG stations will be closed, Prime Minister Imran Khan will give regular approval of the policy after visiting the US, Under the policy, electric car plants will be set up in the country while charging stations will be set up instead of CNG stations.

Electric Vehicle Policy is prepared by the Federal Ministry of Climate Change. It is said that the country’s first electric vehicle policy draft will be presented before Prime Minister Imran Khan after his visit to the United States.

Under the country’s first electric vehicle policy, petrol and CNG-powered vehicles will be gradually replaced with electric-powered vehicles in the country.

Promoting the use of electric vehicles in Pakistan can reduce pollution by up to 40%. Petrol and diesel-powered vehicles worldwide make up 60% of smoke and pollution around the world.


Sister allegedly raped

Sister allegedly raped by her real brother

Police have arrested a brother who allegedly abused a 15-year-old sister in the Aria locality of Rawalpindi.

According to police, the 15-year-old girl was allegedly abused by her brother and his shop owner for two months, until police raided and arrested the accused.

The girl was taken to the Benazir Hospital where her medical was done and medical of the two accused was also done there by the doctors in the presence of Police.

Muzamil the father of the girl in his complaint told police that he works as a tailor and he has two daughters and two sons. The eldest son, 18, works as a carpenter with a man named Imran in Shahid Committee Chowk and according to him, his daughter was abducted by his son and owner for two months.

The police have arrested my son from home and shop owner Imran from Committee Square after registering a case,  he said.

buried alive

The 37-year-old living woman was pronounced dead and buried alive

We often hear incidents where the living man is considered as dead and buried in the grave and then someone passing through the cemetery hears voices from the grave. After which it is found that the one who is buried in the grave is actually alive.

Another incident has come to light. The 37-year-old woman was declared dead by the doctors after which she was buried. And the woman remained alive for eleven days. 11 days after a man was passing through the cemetery when he heard some noise from the grave.

So he informed the woman’s family at the same time, after which they reached the cemetery immediately to dig the grave of that women but it was too late.

When the woman’s coffin was opened, she was dead. After this news, people gathered in the cemetery everyone looked at the woman’s body and everyone agreed that the woman’s body was still warm.

There were bleeding marks and fresh bruises on the body of women. People confirmed that she tried so hard to get out from the grave but the could not open her shroud.