In India, crows have been targeting a man for the past three years who accidentally killed their baby in his arms. Now, whenever he leaves the house the parents of that child crow attacks him.

Shivam is a laborer from Shimla village in Madhya Pradesh who has been the subject of daily cruelty and has been running for three years.

Three years ago he saw that baby crow stuck in a net and he tried to rescue that baby crow but when he was trying to pull him out the baby crow died in his arms, the parents of that baby crow were watching this.

Sheva said, “I was trying to save the bird and he died in my hands and his parents thought that I killed that crow now they attack me and I keep a stick with me to protect myself from tier attack.

These crows attack no one except him and now when he leaves the house people on the roads, stop to see how these crows attack him.


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