Dr. Ruth Pfau

Google pays tribute to Dr. Ruth Pfau on her Birthday.

Google pays tribute to Dr. Rath Catherina Martha Pfau via Google Doodle on the 90th birthday of the great Christian woman who made her home in Pakistan.

Dr. Ruth Pfau

Born on September 9, 1929, in the German city of Leipzig, Dr. Ruth Pfau arrived in Pakistan at the age of 31 and began treating patients with leprosy.

In the 55-year war against leprosy, Dr. Ruth has opened 157 hospitals across Pakistan, where millions have been treated so far.

Throughout her life, Dr. Ruth Pfau held many domestic and international positions and was awarded many important awards and honors from Pakistan, Germany, and other countries.





Jerry Don

Jurry Don accused of sexually assaulting innocent and underage children arrested by Chenab Nagar police

A case has been registered against the accused under section 377 TP in Chenab Nagar.
According to the details, Chenab Nagar police arrested Afzal Ahmed alias Jerry Dawn, accused of sexually assaulting innocent and underage children, and filed a case against him.

Zafar Iqbal son of Abdul Ghafoor Saakin Darul Rahmat Sharaqi filed a case against the accused in the Police station, Chenab Nagar.

The plaintiff contends that the accused along with his unidentified partner abused his 14-year-old son Irfan Zafar last night.

As soon as the incident was reported, SHO Chenab Nagar Malik Asad arrived on the spot and a team was made which is headed by Asif Ali ASI to interrogate the case.




Crows are the enemy of a person for three years for killing their kid

In India, crows have been targeting a man for the past three years who accidentally killed their baby in his arms. Now, whenever he leaves the house the parents of that child crow attacks him.

Shivam is a laborer from Shimla village in Madhya Pradesh who has been the subject of daily cruelty and has been running for three years.

Three years ago he saw that baby crow stuck in a net and he tried to rescue that baby crow but when he was trying to pull him out the baby crow died in his arms, the parents of that baby crow were watching this.

Sheva said, “I was trying to save the bird and he died in my hands and his parents thought that I killed that crow now they attack me and I keep a stick with me to protect myself from tier attack.

These crows attack no one except him and now when he leaves the house people on the roads, stop to see how these crows attack him.


Prime Minister Imran Khan

UN set up commission to investigate human rights abuses in Kashmir-Imran Khan Demands

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomes the growing concern of the international community over the situation in occupied Kashmir and demands a commission to investigate human rights violations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the global community should not be ignored by the brutal atrocities of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and human rights violations on a large scale.

Imran Khan calls on the UN Human Rights Council that time has come to act, a neutral inquiry commission should be formed immediately to investigate human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.