Radio Pakistan

Hackers hacked Radio Pakistan’s website which was restored shortly after the hacking.

“Hi Admin, You are very safe, we are thankful for your security, Pakitan zindabad” hackers message on the website of radio Pakistan.

The hacker’s group Crash Rollers said in their Twitter message, “Hello Admin, you are very safe, we are thankful for your security, long live Pakistan”. From the message it seems to be that hackers belong to Pakistan.

The account crash rollers have not yet been confirmed to be associated with the site’s hackers in connection with the message posted on Twitter. Past messages from this Twitter account show that the group has also been involved in hacking large business and government websites.

The websites that the crash rollers claim to have hacked include the Pakistan Cricket Board, Bahauddin Zakaria University, the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Zoom Petroleum Pakistan and other websites.




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