Chandrayan 2

The mission station “Chandrayan 2” sent to the opposite side of the moon by the Indian Institute of Space Research (ISRO) has been crashed on the surface of the moon just before the landing.

The mission is believed to have failed. The mission cost the Indian rupees 978 crore which equates to 2130 Pakistani rupees.

According to the details, the Chandrayan 2 mission continued to work well throughout its journey, but when its moon lander “Vikram” started to rise to the surface of the moon, the contact with the ground was disconnected. Since then, Chandrayan 2 has been disconnected. It is estimated that the Chandran 2 mission has failed.

The moon rotates around the Earth in such a way that it always has only one direction towards us, while the other is hidden from our eyes. This phenomenon is called “Tidal Lock” in scientific terms.

The purpose of the Chandrayan 2 mission was to descend on this part of the moon and examine it, which is in the opposite direction from the Earth and is not visible to us. That is why it would be difficult to say anything about the failure of this space mission.

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