plane crash

PIA plane crash landing at Multan Airport

Landing PIA plane crashed during landing at Multan Airport; tire of national airline plane exploded during landing, but the pilot miraculously saved the plane and passengers from damage.
According to the details provided in the media reports, a Pakistan Airlines plane has been reported to crash at Multan Airport, the largest city in southern Punjab.

It is reported that a PIA flight from Karachi to Multan was landing at PK-582 Multan airport when the plane’s tire suddenly exploded.

However, the pilot of the aircraft miraculously controlled the aircraft by controlling his nerves and keeping him and the passengers safe from any harm.

Immediately after the plane landed, all passengers in the aircraft were evacuated safely. Fortunately, no passengers were harmed during the accident. While the same PIA flight had to depart for Islamabad too, the flight from Multan to Islamabad has been delayed due to a tire burst.


child with 526 teeth

In India there is a child with 526 teeth in mouth

In India, there are 526 teeth revealed in the baby’s mouth. The baby’s mouth contained 200 grams of tooth Skelton which was removed by doctors.

When the parents of a seven-year-old boy named Ravindranath took the child at the hospital due to jaw discomfort, doctors found that the baby had 200 grams of tooth Skelton in his mouth.

child with 526 teeth

Ravindranath, 7, complained of swelling in his jaw, which his parents showed him at Swetha Medical College. Parents feared that he might have mouth cancer.
According to the details, when the doctors examined the baby, they found that 200g of the baby had some extra bone fragments in the jaw that removal through surgery was the only solution to the problem.

Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated in Pakistan on August 12

Zee-ul-Hajj’s moon is visible in Pakistan, Eid ul-Adha will be celebrated on August 12, Chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman said that 72 evidence has been received for viewing the moon.

According to media reports, a meeting of the Central Ravi Hilal Committee was chaired by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman. Collecting testimonies of zonal committees across the country to watch the moon of Dhil Hajj.

To be clear, the Ministry of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also announced the date of Eid ul Adha on August 12 under the Islamic calendar.

On the other hand, the moon of Zul-Hajj was seen in Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf country on August 10 and Eid al-Adha will be celebrated on August 11.


Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner visits Flood Relief Camps in view of possible floods

Deputy Commissioner Commissioner Syed Aman Anwar Qadwai’s visit to Flood Relief Camps in Harsha Sheikh he inspected arrangements and facilities in relief camps.

According to the details, Deputy Commissioner Syed Aman Anwar Qadwai visited Surplus Relief Campus in view of possible floods by Rescue 1122, Health and Livestock Department at Basic Health Center Harsha Sheikh, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Additional.

Tariq Khan Niazi, Assistant Commissioner Khazar Hayat Bhatti and others were also present, Deputy Commissioner checked the availability of medicines on the Relief Campus and discussed with the Department of Health and other live facilities campus in-charge, Flood Relief of Rescue 1122.

Usman Ahmed, Camp Preserve and Safety Officer, sent Deputy Commissioner and others Briefing according to the areas identified in the map with respect to the current flood situation and water management.

He told the Deputy Commissioner that Rescue 1122 was well prepared to deal with any unforeseen situation. Commissioner Syed Aman Anwar Qadwai visited the river Chenab security dam at Harsa Sheikh’s place. Deputy Commissioner reviewed the ongoing work on the dam. Briefing Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner Syed Aman Anwar Qadwai directed It should be completed as soon as possible.

parents refuse to give kidney

parents refuse to give kidney to daughter as she is a girl

A 16-year-old Indian girl is desperately waiting for her death due to kidney failure. Her parents refuse to give her a kidney as she is a girl. Kanchan Kumari belongs to a village in Sheikhpura. she was admitted to the hospital two months ago when she was seriously ill.

After doing the tests, it was discovered that the kidneys of Kanchan stopped working, Doctors told Kanchen’s parents that they would have to arrange a kidney for their daughter as soon as possible, in order to save her.

Unfortunately, none of Kanchan’s parents showed interest in giving her kidney. The only reason parents don’t give a kidney is that Kanchen is a girl and her death doesn’t matter.

The case has gone viral worldwide due to the parents and people have expressed great regret. However, the girl’s grandfather offered a different explanation, saying that giving Kanchan a kidney can create a problem for the survival of the whole family. He would not be able to work with a kidney which would endanger the survival of the entire family.


Ethiopia set a new record by planting 35 million trees a day

Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology Gitahon Macuria says 353,633,660 seeds have been planted in Ethiopia on Monday in just 12 hours.

Many photos were also shared with the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s official Twitter account. Ethiopian officials say they have successfully planted more than 35 million plants across the country in one day.

Authorities say they are working to make the plantation a Guinness World Record. The Green Legacy initiative Launch was launched in May. It has set a target of planting 4 billion plants in the country before October. Authorities say they have planted 2.6 billion plants so far.

Indian spy

Pakistan formally offers consular access to Indian spy

Pakistan has formally offered to give India consular access to the Indian Spy and Terrorist. In this regard, the spokesman of the Foreign Office, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, said that it has been decided to give consular access to Indian spy and terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav tomorrow, only we are waiting for a reply from India.

The spokesman said India was notified on Friday of consular access to India. Remember that Pakistan had decided to give consular access to the Indian spy. According to a Foreign Ministry statement issued on July 18, Indian Commander Kulbhushan Yadav will be given consular access. Counseling access to Klubhushan lists will be granted under Pakistani laws.

It should be noted that Pakistan defeated India in the International Court of Justice in the Kalbhushan Yadav case. The International Court of Justice ruled that Kalbhushan Yadav is an Indian terrorist and his passport in the name of Hussein Mubarak Patel is also genuine. International court rejects India’s request for release of Kulbhushan memorandum, but under Vienna Convention also allows India consular access to Klubhushan memorandum and asks Pakistan to take action in this regard.