Passenger slipped

Passenger slipped from pigeon waste at a railway station gets Rs. 5 million in damages.

A passenger at a Paddington station in London slipped on a pigeon waste, to which the man paid 28,000 pounds by Network Rail.
According to court documents obtained by the BBC, over the past five years, Network Rail has paid 290 million pounds of damages to 290 claimants.
The compensation was paid for the stumbling and falling of passengers at 20 railway stations in England and Scotland.

The highest amount of damages, ie £ 40,000, was paid to a person who slipped and broke his hip by slipping on a London Charing Cross due to a liquid.
Network Rail’s clams and insurance chief Philip Tharoor said they are a big company, with millions of people using their stations every day, some of them having problems.


Eid ul Adha

Deputy Commissioner, offers Eid ul Adha prayer in police line Chiniot

Deputy Commissioner Tariq Khan Niazi along with DPO Syed Hasnain Haider offered Eid ul Adha prayer at Police Line Chiniot, accompanied by Assistant Commissioner Chiniot Khazar Hayat Bhatti and other police officers, employees, civil society.

After the Eid prayer, a special prayer was made for the security of Malik Pakistan, after which Deputy Commissioner Tariq Khan Niazi and DPO Syed Hassanin Haider joined the people present and hugged everyone and congratulated Eid.


Toothbrush present in the abdomen

Toothbrush present in the abdomen for 20 years removed

A toothbrush was removed from the gut of a Chinese man 20 years after he was swallowed for suicide.

An angry man pulled a toothbrush down his throat to commit suicide at a jail. Even the toothbrush had reached its small intestine, moving slowly. Doctors had warned that if toothpaste was not removed, it could have caused severe damage to the liver, leading to death.

The man was released, but a toothbrush has recently been removed. The toothbrush is completely black and unrecognizable and the plastic fibers have also been removed. After a long operation toothpaste is extracted from the small intestine.



Police completed security arrangements in connection with Eid-ul-Adha


Security arrangements have been completed in connection with Eid-ul-Azha. On the occasion of Eid, peace and security will be ensured. Eid prayers will be arranged at mosques, imam bargahs, places of worship and open spaces.

Eid ul Adha will be offered in 154 locations across the district. More than 500 police officers and employees will perform duty at all these places. Walkthrough gates will be installed at important Eid prayers and visitors will be searched by physical and metal detectors.

A special traffic plan has been prepared for the public’s ease at the Eid on the Chenab River and the Dost Mohammad Lali Bridge.


Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control

The Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control and entered occupied Kashmir

Indian media reports claim that Pakistani fighter jets crossed the LoC for a short time and entered occupied Kashmir. Indian media has further claimed that the jets of the Pak Air Force crossed the Line of Control and entered Indian Air but soon returned. The Pak Air Force’s IL-78 air refueling tanker was very close to the Kashmir area and returned shortly after crossing the Line of Control.

Pak Air Force's IL-78 air refueling tanker

Pak Air Force’s IL-78 air refueling tanker

Indian media say that Pakistan has started to exploit the growing importance of the region in India, and Pakistan is planning something.

It may be recalled that India had revoked Article 370 in occupied Kashmir. After the termination of the special Article, occupied Kashmir would no longer be called a state but a federal unit, which would have a legislative assembly.

Not only this, but the Modi government also decided to split the occupied valley into two parts, separating Jammu and Kashmir from Ladakh, Ladakh would be declared a federally controlled area where there would be no assembly.



Plant fires a seed

A Plant fires a seed at the speed of bullet

German scientists have done interesting research on a Chinese plant that ‘fires’ seeds, The plant, also known as the “Chinese Witch Hazel”, can fire a seed with the speed of nineteenth-century gun, these have sped up to 12 meters per second. Flying at the air at this speed, these seeds can cover a distance of up to 18 meters.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve irritation and inflammation, this plant eliminates its seeds as fast as firing.

Botanists at the University of Freiburg discover with the aid of specialized MRI scans and high-speed cameras that the secret of Chinese Witch Hazel’s removal of seeds from such a fast and force is the inner part of its fruit that not only sprouts and shrinks faster when you remove the seeds.

Following youtube video show the images of the seed firing from the plant recorded with the high-speed cameras;

And the seed rotates at an extraordinary speed of 26,000 rounds per minute as if firing a gun into a gun barrel.



plastic surgery

`The history of plastic surgery is 2500 years old

The major breakthrough in plastic surgery came from the re-discovery of skin transplantation in the 18th century. This is a procedure that has been devised in ancient India.

According to the British National Health Service, the process of implantation on the skin of Shoshohrota is listed in his book “Shoshohrota Samhita”, This book is from the 8th century BC.

Plastic surgery procedures greatly improved in First and Second World War. In the World War, skin irritation and deterioration were treated with plastic surgery.


Kashmir issue

India can do anything to divert attention from Kashmir issue: PM

The Prime Minister said that Narendra Modi has gone the way of Hitler, it seems that the Indian government wants to commit genocide in occupied Kashmir while it seems that the offer of a trump mediation has prompted India to take this step. We risk that India can do anything to divert attention.

The Prime Minister said that reaction will come from occupied Kashmir. When curfew is lifted, there will be a severe reaction from within the valley. We have to win, so the role of the media is very important in the current situation

Imran Khan said that India tried to take advantage of the situation after the Pulwama, but for the first time after the Pulwama incident, our position was heard in the international community, India is trying to blacklist Pakistan in FATF, We do not want a warpath but it seems likely that the situation on the borders between Pakistan and India may worsen.

woman installed camera in house

woman installed camera in house and caught husband poisoning her coffee

A Michigan man has been sentenced in prison for excessive sleeping pills in his wife’s coffee.

Theresa Kozlowski filed a lawsuit in June 2018 to divorce her husband Brian, but she continued living in the same house with her husband. In the meantime, Brian was also making coffee every day for Therese, the Rhine took advantage of this opportunity and started mixing Die-fan hydramine in his wife’s coffee.

Theresa suspected by Brian installed a secret camera in her house. Theresa was surprised to see the camera footage she found that Brian was mixing coffee with several pills.

Last Thursday, the judge sentenced Brian to five years in probation and up to 60 days in prison. He also has to spend 60 days in jail on weekends. Prosecutors have expressed surprise at such a minor conviction.