Extreme shelling by the Indian army on LOC

Heavy shelling by Indian Army on LoC destroyed many houses, 2 civilians were martyred and many were injured, Pak army also responded to the Indian Army.

According to details provided by the Pakistan Army’s Public Relations ISPR, the Indian Army has once again provoked a ceasefire violation on the Line of Control.

On Tuesday, the Indian Army fired heavy shells on the Line of Control, Indian army targeted civilian population several houses in the Sector Nakran were completely destroyed due to heavy shelling by the Indian Army.

DGISPR has said that the Pak army has responded well to the aggression and hit the Indian army posts across the LOC


Can constipation cause cancer ?

According to a report, medical experts believe that the major symptom of constipation is when a person’s need to go washroom decreases three times as compared to a healthy person.

Experts from The Kings College, London, say constipation needs to be redefined in the light of patients’ experiences. According to the charity Guts UK, this is no longer a shame to have a talk about human wastes.

Constipation is a very common condition and apparently, one in seven healthy people suffer from it Difficulties in excretion or clearing of intestines are major symptoms of constipation.

Researchers say a new definition of constipation can be defined in light of six symptoms:

  • Abdominal discomfort, pain, and twitching if the clothes do not fit normally on the body.
  • Difficulty in excretion, bleeding, irritation, and inflammation in the rectum.
  • Stools maximum three times a day or at least three times a week is a normal condition.
  • Sensory impairments such as no need for relief or incomplete stomach emptying.
  • Inflammation or swelling and bad smells.
  • No control of feces excretion and bleeding from the stool.



US think tank

Kashmir Dispute could lead Pakistan and India to Nuclear war-US think tank

The US think-tank Start Four said in its report that tensions between neighboring countries Pakistan and India with nuclear capacities are on the rise, which started when New Delhi Changed the special status of the Kasmir and revoked the article 370 which granted the special status to kshmir.

Think Tank reports that the chances of nuclear war increased when Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh threatened to use nuclear weapons in the region in open words.

The report states that if Pakistan and India used nuclear weapons, it would be the first nuclear war after the destruction of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the war between the US and Japan in 1945.

The think tank dismissed that Kashmir issue is India’s internal matter.




General Qamar Bajwa

Ready to face any miss adventure-General Qamar Bajwa

According to ISPR, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited formation headquarters Gilgit and laid flowers on the memorial of martyrs.

Later addressing the officers and the Army soldiers, the Army Chief said that we are aware of the dangers we have to face on the eastern border.

He said Pak army is capable of responding to all kinds of aggression, the morale of the Pak army is high even in the world’s highest battlefield.

Army Chief appreciated the preparation and determination of the men and said that the danger on the eastern border is related to the current situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Egyptian girl

Eyesight of the Egyptian girl who went to Hajj revived

A girl from Egypt got her eyesight back when she came for the hajj, her happiness was doubled when she got her eyesight back.

The 17 years old girl lost her eyesight because she had a sore on her head which took her left eye’s sight.

When she arrived for Hajj, she was immediately admitted to Shah Abdullah Medical City in Makkah. Where the tumor was removed through the operation of her skull, After that, her vision returned.




woman demands divorce

woman demands divorce because her husband loves her too much

An interesting incident occurred in a local court in Fajira, a city in the United Arab Emirates, when a woman demanded separation from her husband only because her husband loves her and donot not fights, he cleans the house, prepares meals as well.

The woman has said that a year has passed and the husband has not spoken harshly to her once, and her life has become ‘hell’. The woman said that she had fallen short of this attitude and could not bear his unconditional love.

She said that my husband never fights with me and always forgive me and he always gives me gifts and she said I want genuine debates and arguments with my husband, not an obedient husband.

The court, on the first day of the hearing, has requested both sides to mutually try to resolve the issue.

Minister of External Affairs

Minister of External Affairs reacts to Modi’s award

External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has responded to the award given to Modi by UAE. He said that we cannot impose a restriction on the UAE to have relations with the third country. After the approval of the cabinet, next statement on the issue of Kashmir will be shared soon, he said.

He said that Pallot guns and ammunition were used on protesters in occupied Kashmir yesterday. The world saw that the largest democracy showed fascism. Today the world is seeing the real face of India.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India has done a complete lockdown in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to visit Srinagar and he was returned back through the next flight from airport forcefully.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that today I called the UN Secretary-General and I informed him about the use of cluster bombs on the LOC by Indian forces and I informed about the current situation of Kashmir.


occupied Kashmir

Australian journalist’s heartbreaking revelations on the situation in occupied Kashmir

Australian columnist CJ Verliman in his research column on the tense situation in occupied Kashmir presents horrifying statistics of humanitarian atrocities and serious human rights abuses.

Australian columnist CJ Warleyman shared a thread on Twitter, describing the story of occupied Kashmir, saying that occupied Kashmir is a globally recognized controversial territory in the United Nations. A total of 18 resolutions have been passed which demanded the withdrawal of the army from India and a referendum.

The Australian journalist further wrote that the UN Human Rights Commission had expressed grief over the unpredictable circumstances, but the number of Indian troops in occupied Kashmir has now exceeded seven million, imposing an Indian army soldier on every 10 Kashmiris. That is, so many soldiers are not even stationed in war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

Australian journalist reports that incidents of rape of women by military officers and personnel have increased, on February 23, 1993, a large number of women were subjected to rape and 80 women were raped in one night.

The Australian columnist reveals that more than 6,000 graves have been recovered from different areas of occupied Kashmir, including mass graves, mostly of extra-judicial killings.

Since the Modi government’s controversial decision to abolish the special status of Kashmir on August 5, India’s true deadly face has been exposed globally and now international journalists are talking about the Modi government’s terrorism.



Indian Army Fires on LOC indiscriminately

India continues to violate Sezfire agreement on LOC, Indian Army indiscriminate firing and shelling in LOC Rawala coat sector, resulting in 2 civilian martyrdom and several injuries.

Assistant Commissioner says Indian army targeted wedding ceremony in Dera Sherkhan.

The Pak army has responded effectively to the Indian Army’s firing and attack. The effective operation of the Pak Army still underway says Assistant Commissioner Rawala coat