Can constipation cause cancer ?

According to a report, medical experts believe that the major symptom of constipation is when a person’s need to go washroom decreases three times as compared to a healthy person.

Experts from The Kings College, London, say constipation needs to be redefined in the light of patients’ experiences. According to the charity Guts UK, this is no longer a shame to have a talk about human wastes.

Constipation is a very common condition and apparently, one in seven healthy people suffer from it Difficulties in excretion or clearing of intestines are major symptoms of constipation.

Researchers say a new definition of constipation can be defined in light of six symptoms:

  • Abdominal discomfort, pain, and twitching if the clothes do not fit normally on the body.
  • Difficulty in excretion, bleeding, irritation, and inflammation in the rectum.
  • Stools maximum three times a day or at least three times a week is a normal condition.
  • Sensory impairments such as no need for relief or incomplete stomach emptying.
  • Inflammation or swelling and bad smells.
  • No control of feces excretion and bleeding from the stool.



US think tank

Kashmir Dispute could lead Pakistan and India to Nuclear war-US think tank

The US think-tank Start Four said in its report that tensions between neighboring countries Pakistan and India with nuclear capacities are on the rise, which started when New Delhi Changed the special status of the Kasmir and revoked the article 370 which granted the special status to kshmir.

Think Tank reports that the chances of nuclear war increased when Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh threatened to use nuclear weapons in the region in open words.

The report states that if Pakistan and India used nuclear weapons, it would be the first nuclear war after the destruction of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the war between the US and Japan in 1945.

The think tank dismissed that Kashmir issue is India’s internal matter.