occupied Kashmir

Australian columnist CJ Verliman in his research column on the tense situation in occupied Kashmir presents horrifying statistics of humanitarian atrocities and serious human rights abuses.

Australian columnist CJ Warleyman shared a thread on Twitter, describing the story of occupied Kashmir, saying that occupied Kashmir is a globally recognized controversial territory in the United Nations. A total of 18 resolutions have been passed which demanded the withdrawal of the army from India and a referendum.

The Australian journalist further wrote that the UN Human Rights Commission had expressed grief over the unpredictable circumstances, but the number of Indian troops in occupied Kashmir has now exceeded seven million, imposing an Indian army soldier on every 10 Kashmiris. That is, so many soldiers are not even stationed in war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

Australian journalist reports that incidents of rape of women by military officers and personnel have increased, on February 23, 1993, a large number of women were subjected to rape and 80 women were raped in one night.

The Australian columnist reveals that more than 6,000 graves have been recovered from different areas of occupied Kashmir, including mass graves, mostly of extra-judicial killings.

Since the Modi government’s controversial decision to abolish the special status of Kashmir on August 5, India’s true deadly face has been exposed globally and now international journalists are talking about the Modi government’s terrorism.


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