Toothbrush present in the abdomen

Toothbrush present in the abdomen for 20 years removed

A toothbrush was removed from the gut of a Chinese man 20 years after he was swallowed for suicide.

An angry man pulled a toothbrush down his throat to commit suicide at a jail. Even the toothbrush had reached its small intestine, moving slowly. Doctors had warned that if toothpaste was not removed, it could have caused severe damage to the liver, leading to death.

The man was released, but a toothbrush has recently been removed. The toothbrush is completely black and unrecognizable and the plastic fibers have also been removed. After a long operation toothpaste is extracted from the small intestine.



Police completed security arrangements in connection with Eid-ul-Adha


Security arrangements have been completed in connection with Eid-ul-Azha. On the occasion of Eid, peace and security will be ensured. Eid prayers will be arranged at mosques, imam bargahs, places of worship and open spaces.

Eid ul Adha will be offered in 154 locations across the district. More than 500 police officers and employees will perform duty at all these places. Walkthrough gates will be installed at important Eid prayers and visitors will be searched by physical and metal detectors.

A special traffic plan has been prepared for the public’s ease at the Eid on the Chenab River and the Dost Mohammad Lali Bridge.