Plant fires a seed

German scientists have done interesting research on a Chinese plant that ‘fires’ seeds, The plant, also known as the “Chinese Witch Hazel”, can fire a seed with the speed of nineteenth-century gun, these have sped up to 12 meters per second. Flying at the air at this speed, these seeds can cover a distance of up to 18 meters.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve irritation and inflammation, this plant eliminates its seeds as fast as firing.

Botanists at the University of Freiburg discover with the aid of specialized MRI scans and high-speed cameras that the secret of Chinese Witch Hazel’s removal of seeds from such a fast and force is the inner part of its fruit that not only sprouts and shrinks faster when you remove the seeds.

Following youtube video show the images of the seed firing from the plant recorded with the high-speed cameras;

And the seed rotates at an extraordinary speed of 26,000 rounds per minute as if firing a gun into a gun barrel.



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