plastic surgery

`The history of plastic surgery is 2500 years old

The major breakthrough in plastic surgery came from the re-discovery of skin transplantation in the 18th century. This is a procedure that has been devised in ancient India.

According to the British National Health Service, the process of implantation on the skin of Shoshohrota is listed in his book “Shoshohrota Samhita”, This book is from the 8th century BC.

Plastic surgery procedures greatly improved in First and Second World War. In the World War, skin irritation and deterioration were treated with plastic surgery.


Kashmir issue

India can do anything to divert attention from Kashmir issue: PM

The Prime Minister said that Narendra Modi has gone the way of Hitler, it seems that the Indian government wants to commit genocide in occupied Kashmir while it seems that the offer of a trump mediation has prompted India to take this step. We risk that India can do anything to divert attention.

The Prime Minister said that reaction will come from occupied Kashmir. When curfew is lifted, there will be a severe reaction from within the valley. We have to win, so the role of the media is very important in the current situation

Imran Khan said that India tried to take advantage of the situation after the Pulwama, but for the first time after the Pulwama incident, our position was heard in the international community, India is trying to blacklist Pakistan in FATF, We do not want a warpath but it seems likely that the situation on the borders between Pakistan and India may worsen.