brain-controlled video game

Scientists have developed a brain-controlled video game

Scientists in Switzerland have developed a technology that allows people to play video games with their brains.

According to reports, this technology is designed for people who cannot move due to severe physical disabilities. With this technology, such people will be able to play a video game.

With this technology, they want to create a system that helps people with disabilities move, scientists say.  By this, we can create wheelchairs that can be controlled with brain signals.

Imran Khan

The government is thinking to go to the International Criminal Court – Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan was giving Policy Statement in the National Assembly and said the government will present the Kashmir case to the UN Security Council, including the General Assembly. I know the West, They do not know the reality of what is happening to the Kashmiris.

Imran Khan said to the opposition that “I request the opposition if you do not want this session to run, I  will sit down.” then Shahbaz Sharif stopped the opposition members from slogging.

He said when I came into the government, I said, “Take a step forward, We will increase the two. We talked about improving relations with Afghanistan and Iran. Also in the US, we tried to eliminate past issues so that we can move towards stability.”

We were trying to negotiate with India that the Pulwama incident happened. There were elections, they were aiming to win the election by making it an issue. Pakistani forces responded tremendously. We returned their pilot to tell them that we did not want war. Then at a conference, we saw that they were weakening our peace efforts. I asked the US President that you play the role of arbitrator.