Pakistan has increasing AIDS patients, Ministry of Health

A meeting of the National Assembly under the chairmanship of Qasim Khan Suri was held. The Ministry of Health submitted a written response to the National Assembly, stating that there are  165,000 AIDS patients in Pakistan; the number of patients registered in different medical centers is 24 thousand 331.

Punjab has the highest number of AIDS registered 12,202 patients, Sindh has 6,867 and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 2 thousand 4 patients, 2 thousand 424 in the federal and 834 in Balochistan.


In India, children took millions of Extortion from their classmates

In India, an English medium school, two ninth-grade children, along with a relative, threatened to intimidate a classmate of his own and took away an Extortion of Rs 3 lakh in the last 18 months.

According to reports, the father of the affected child has written a report to a police station in Kamothe, Mumbai, saying that two boys who studied his 15-year-old son in his class were intimidated in the last 18 months. Gold cash worth Rs 30,000 and a mobile phone worth Rs 20,000 were taken by them.

The two boys, together with their cousins, threatened the child that if he did not pay them, they would kill him and his family. According to a report lodged at the Kamothe police station, the schoolchildren are not involved in bullying but their relative is a criminal who also has ties to Mumbai underworld.

Due to daily threats and psychological stress, the child’s health started to deteriorate and his weight began to decline rapidly. Last week, while he was in the hospital for inspection and his phone was at home, his mother received a call from an unknown number on the phone and asked, ” have you done the work?”.

When the mother withdrew from the child, he was lying before but was eventually forced to tell the truth. Thus, the parents became aware of the actual culprits of home-burglaries during the last year and a half.


DPO Chiniot

Martyrs are proud of Punjab Police- DPO Chiniot

DPO Syed Hassanin Haider said that the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country salute the police, they are proud of the martyrs of Punjab Police who have sacrificed their lives for peace. He expressed these views, addressing a ceremony held in connection with the martyrdom police.

Police squad saluted the memorial martyrs on the occasion and District and Sessions Judge Raja Pervaiz Akhtar, DC Tariq Khan Niazi, DPO Syed Hassanin Hyderabad, and other prominent figures laid floral on the graves of the martyrs.

He said that the heires of our martyrs are VVIP for us and they are like our own families and their problems are our problems. The police department will continue to provide all kinds of support to the families of the martyrs.

At the end of the ceremony, gifts were also distributed among the families of the martyrs. Police officers, martyrs’ families, journalists, lawyers, civil society members from all sects of life participated in the event.

Pakistan's eastern border

India increase military preparation on Pakistan’s eastern border


Indian Army has increased its military readiness on Pakistan’s eastern border. Media reports have said that India suffering from war madness is not taking any name for withdrawal. And all military and air bases have been alerted.

Indian media reports said that along with increasing the number of troops on Pakistani borders, military equipment is being transported there. In all these situations, tensions have increased in the region.
UN military observers have also started coming to the Line of Control, where Pakistani authorities have been briefed by the Indian Army on the civilian population’s firing and ammunition.

After the extraordinary movement of the Indian Army, the Azad Kashmir administration has also been given high alert.