Pakistani cricketers

PCB has banned the eating of Pakistani cricketers, the decision of hiring a new fitness coach for the national cricket team will be strictly monitored on the diet of the players.

According to the details, the Pakistan Cricket Board has made a big decision to improve the quality of fitness of the national cricket team. PCB MD Waseem Khan has banned the eatings of players such as Biryani.

However, the MDPCB has announced that a new fitness coach will be appointed for the national cricket team. The coach will keep a close watch on the players as well as improve their fitness.

Players will only be able to eat the dishes as told by the fitness coach. This decision has been taken by PCB in light of the Mackey Arthur report.

The head coach of the national team emphasized that in order to improve the performance of the national team it is important that the quality of the players and the quality of the field will be improved. Following Mikey Arthur’s suggestion, PCB has begun to take practical steps in this regard.

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