parents refuse to give kidney

A 16-year-old Indian girl is desperately waiting for her death due to kidney failure. Her parents refuse to give her a kidney as she is a girl. Kanchan Kumari belongs to a village in Sheikhpura. she was admitted to the hospital two months ago when she was seriously ill.

After doing the tests, it was discovered that the kidneys of Kanchan stopped working, Doctors told Kanchen’s parents that they would have to arrange a kidney for their daughter as soon as possible, in order to save her.

Unfortunately, none of Kanchan’s parents showed interest in giving her kidney. The only reason parents don’t give a kidney is that Kanchen is a girl and her death doesn’t matter.

The case has gone viral worldwide due to the parents and people have expressed great regret. However, the girl’s grandfather offered a different explanation, saying that giving Kanchan a kidney can create a problem for the survival of the whole family. He would not be able to work with a kidney which would endanger the survival of the entire family.

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