Shah Mehmood Qureshi

if the wall of Berlin could fall so the LOC could break also-Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that if the wall of Berlin could fall so the LOC could break also, Kashmir has become a global problem, India is playing on the back foot, it is the pitch of Imran Khan, Pakistan is playing on the front foot.

External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi while addressing a public meeting in Umerkot today said that today’s meeting is not of political nature, today’s meeting is a message for Modi, today’s meeting will not be a political thing but today’s meeting will be with the expression of solidarity with Kashmiris only.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that” I am here in the shiva temple to show the world media that all the temples in Pakistan are open and safe but India is destroying mosques in occupied Kashmir”. External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said today’s India is not from Nehru and Gandhi but from RSS and terrorist Modi.


Warning! Excessive use of Antibiotics can cause joints pain arthritis

After examining the health statistics of more than one million people, British medical experts have revealed that antibiotics can increase the risk of arthritis 60% higher than those are not taking antibiotics.

It should be noted that in the field of medicine (antibiotics) are used as a very precautionary measure against any disease, while legally these can only be purchased in accordance with a written prescription by a certified doctor but most of the world, including Pakistan there is no provision for such precautions are practiced.

If doctors on one hand prescribe antibiotics for minor pains, medical stores, on the other hand, continue to sell antibiotics to patients only at their discretion.

The alarming aspect of the problem is that when prescribing or selling antibiotics, the patient is usually not told about the full course duration, dietary and precautionary measures, resulting in the pathogens of the disease becoming even more resistant to the disease.


Imran Khan

Like World War II, the threat of war spreads, says Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that like the Second World War, the danger of war spreads, the world cannot ignore Kashmir, we are all in danger he said In his interview with the New York Times.

The two nuclear powers are face to face the global community has to think beyond business advantages. The threat of war spreads like World War II, he said. This time the threat of war lies under the shadow of the nuclear weapons, he said.

He said that Modi and his ministers are members of the RSS. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his article in the New York Times titled “The world cannot ignore Kashmir, we are all in danger”. This article of the Prime Minister was published on the occasion of the day of solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

He said that a meeting was held between the foreign ministers of the two countries at the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly on September 2018, but India canceled it. This September, I emphasized the need for dialogue and peace in my letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister said that India, unfortunately, rejected all my efforts to initiate dialogue.



PYSF 2019

Pakistan Youth Sports Festival Opening Ceremony (PYSF 2019)

An event called Pakistan Youth Sports Festival is organized by the Majlis Khadamal-Ahmadiya to improve the mental and physical activities of youth in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah).

In which 2200 young boys joined and they raised Pakistani flag in one hand and their team’s flag in the other hand to express their love for Pakistan.

The festival’s organizers Tauqir Asad and Shams Iqbal say that the festival hosts a total of 53 sports and about 20,000 young boys are participating in the festival.



Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile

Pakistan successfully tests Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile

According to the spokesman of Pakistan Army Major General Asif Ghafoor, Pakistan has successfully tested ballistic missiles Ghaznavi, ground-to-ground missile Ghaznavi was tested at night, capable of carrying all types of conventional and unconventional warheads and can easily hit its target in the range of 290 km.

President Arif Alawi and Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the nation and the scientists associated with the project on the successful test of the ballistic missile Ghaznavi.

Sports Festival

Majlis Khadam al-Ahmadiya Maqami Organized Sports Festival

A sports festival was organized in Chenab Nagar city by Majlis Khadam-ul-Ahmadiyya Maqami, where teams from different Mohallas and clubs from across the city participated in the inaugural ceremony of the sports festival. At the inauguration, the green flag(National Flag of Pakitan) was flagged and a national anthem was presented.

A large number of citizens were present on the occasion. Citizens say that holding such festivals will inspire the new generation for sports, which is very important for their mental and physical development and will have a positive impact on society.


200 ton boat

A man pulled a 200 ton boat through a finger

Russian bodybuilder Georgi Rostmash-Wiley surprised the world by pulling a 200-ton boat from the middle finger of his hand. Even before this, he has staged many such demonstrations.

Now in a viral video, he appears to be pulling a boat that is believed to be a small ship. The name of this boat is ‘Tamara Too’ which weighs about 200 tons. He demonstrated it at the Georgian port of Batumi.

For this, he attached himself to an iron ladder so that he did not slip forward. After that, he drew the boat 16 feet (5 meters), which is one of his unique achievements.

The Guinness Book of World Company is expected to contact Giorgi in this regard soon.


NASA will investigate the first crime in space

According to details during a routine mission at the International Space Station, a female astronaut Anne McClain accessed her ex-husband’s bank account from the Internet in space.

Although Ann has admitted it, she is convinced that she had committed no wrongdoing or crime. But now she has returned to earth and investigation aginst her has been started.

Former astronaut husband Summer Warden has filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, On the other hand, after reaching the ground, the woman filed a reply through her lawyer that she just wanted to know that the family’s financial affairs were good or not.

She said that her ex-husband and she are jointly raising a son despite the divorce, for which both contribute. Anne said she had done nothing wrong and she is cooperating in every way.


Boy wearing Burqa

Student Boy wearing Burqa arrested from Girls hostel

A student named Daniyal entered into the girls’ hostel of the university of  Zakariya wearing a burqa along with his girlfriend.

Security personnel on the suspicion checked the boy who was wearing the burqa and after confirmation, they arrested him from the building of the hostel.

Security personnel informed the warden and resident officer of the girl’s hostel after that the student was handed over to the police.

Police registered a case against the boy under Section 420.