Chenab Nagar: Pakistani cricketer Imamul Haq has been accused of cheating several women, screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation have been released on social media after allegations of Pakistani cricket team opener Imamul Haq allegedly cheating on more than one woman.

Imamul Haq was accused by Twitter user of not only fooling 7-8 women at the same time during the last 6 months but also cheating on them. The user also shared screenshots of an alleged conversation with the local cricketer’s women, but later found out that the girl’s Twitter account was closed and everyone was shocked and now it has been revealed that ‘Fareja’ there is no girl behind the account, but a ‘boy’.

Then came a video and some photos of Imamul Haq which the PCB investigated and said that no one can go to the players’ room during the World Cup so these pictures are fake. Now Waseem Khan has reported that Imam ul Haq has apologized to the PCB.

Wasim Khan said that Imam-ul-Haq has said that the matter has escalated to misunderstanding, it will not happen again. He further informed Imamul Haq that such a scandal is not acceptable because you are from Pakistan.

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