South Korean warplanes

South Korean warplanes fired hundreds of warning shots at a Russian military aircraft

South Korean warplanes discharged many cautioning shots at a Russian military flying machine that entered South Korean airspace on Tuesday, resistance authorities stated, while Russia denied disregarding any airspace and blamed South Korean pilots for being heedless.

Two Russian Tu-95 planes and two Chinese H-6 aircraft entered the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) together at an early stage Tuesday, the South Korean protection service said.


India is on its way to the moon by Chandrayaan-2

INDIA has launched its mission to the moon on the second try and the mission is named as Chandrayaan-2.

Befoe that first mission was blasted during the launch and after one week India has relaunched the mission and if this mission accomplished its motives, INDIA would be the 4th countary to land on moon.

Indian mission will explore the region near the mysterious south pole where till now no other mission has landed and that region is unexplored.