Mohsin Abbas

Police launched a probe against singer and actor Mohsin Abbas

Fatema Sohail wife of the actor Mohsin Abbas has posted her pictures and said that her husband tortured her and beaten her.

Pictures which she posted are going viral on the internet and people are giving a mixed view.

The Defence police on Sunday launched a probe into allegations of brutal torture leveled against Mohsin Abbas by his wife Fatema Sohail.

On the other hand, the actor has denied all the allegations.



PIA plane slipped of during landing

GILGIT: A plane of PIA has slipped off from the runway during the landing on Gilgit airport.

The airplane was flying to Gilgit from Islamabad, carrying 54 people including crew members, no one was injured during this incident.

PK 605, an ATR aircraft tried to land on the Gilgit airport when it skids off from the runway but due to a great effort by the pilot plane was stoped.