Airspace ban extended

Airspace ban extended again by pakistan

Pakistan on Feb 26 fully banned the airspace for the Indian planes because of the Indian fighter jets violation of international boundary and tension between Pakistan and India.

During the tension, Pakistan retaliated the Indian violation of the airspace and shot down two Indian planes and captured one Indian pilot which was released after on humanitarian grounds.

But the airspace for the Indian Commercial Planes is also banned from then till now. Ban of airspace was extended once again on Friday.


Small island in Gawadar

Small island in Gawadar disapearing

According to the images published by NASA it can be seen that the small island which was formed in the ocean of Gawadar is going to disappear from the Globe.

According to Dr.iman who is a scientist in the Behria university said that there is a history of these volcanoes made islands and in future, it is a possibility that more can be formed.