Shop thieves active in Chenab Nagar

Chenab Nagar: Shop thieves are active again in the Chenab Nagar and in recent days more than 2 shops were robbed.

Fifty thousand and general household items were taken by the thieves recently from the local store.

Previously in 2018 on the same store, armed robbers have committed the crime a year ago.

The store owner has appealed to DPO to arrest the thieves.

DPO Chiniot

DPO Chiniot meets Bank Managers

Chenab Nagar: DPO Chiniot held a meeting with the Bank managers of the Chiniot district.

In the meeting, DPO Anwar Khetran has taken an overview of the security situation of the banks.

He directed to appoint the security guards of good image and to install the security cameras in the Banks.


old man killed

70 years old man killed due to a few tea drops


Chenab Nagar: A Pickup small truck was traveling from Khushab when it stopped on the Koat Ismaeil Bridge for checking air pressures of tires.

A 70 years old man from the truck was walking near a man Fahad Lali who was drinking tea, an old man mistakenly hit the teacup by which a few drops of tea were dropped on the Fahad Lali.

Fahad Lali could not control his anger and attacked the old man and hit directly on his chest with an elbow in results the old man died.


illegal speed breakers

illegal speed breakers and ramps in Tahir Abad

Chenab Nagar: On the streets of Tahir Abad( area of rabwah) there are excessive speed breakers and people have constructed ramps in front of their houses due to which people are facing problems on roads and streets.

In the streets, there should not b speed breakers like this and we demand the administration to take action against these illegal breakers and ramps.

domestic abuse

Another woman becomes victim of domestic abuse

Chenab Nagar: In the area of District Chiniot “Kout wasawa” a woman was beaten by her husband badly.

The woman was in her father’s home for many days due to abuse of her husband where her husband reached and started beating her and the mother of his wife.

In the result of the beating, the woman lost her teeth and the arm of her mother was fractured.

domestic abuse

Mother of the woman speaking with media correspondent.

Both were transferred to DHQ Chiniot, Police was informed but still no action has taken against the husband.

Police parade

DPO Chiniot inspects the Police parade

Chenab Nagar: To increase the discipline and behavior of policemen a Police parade was held in the police lines of chiniot.

Police parade

In the parade policeman from across the District took part and showed their skills.

The policemen from all the departments took part in the parade which includes Trafic Police, Elite Police, and ladies Police.

DPO Muhammad Anwar kethran inspected the parade and the vehicles which are under use of the Police and directed to use the government resources with good faith.