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A woman commits suicide from Chenab Bridge

A woman has committed suicide by jumping into a Chenab river. The 25-year-old girl jumped from the railway bridge, Chenab Nagar, Tanha City Chenniot, allegedly committed suicide. According to an eyewitness, the girl jumped from the railway bridge. Rescue teams removed dead body. The dead body was shifted to DHQ Hospital.  City police are on the spot. The police investigation is being processed. The dead body of a woman is not recognized yet.

Rabwah News

Rescue operation.

Eid Bazar

Eid Bazar for women has been introduced by Government.

Chenab Nagar, Every year government of Punjab set a special market for Ramazan in which basic food items and other things are sold at a discount price for Rabwah People.

But for the first time in Rabwah, the government has introduced special Eid Bazar for women of Rabwah.

In which women can do their eid shopping at very low cost and enjoy the happiness of Eid.

In the Eid Bazar, different stalls of things are set on which thing for Eid are selling.

Eid Bazar

Stall of women shoes in Eid Bazar.


TMA Rabwah

TMA Chenab Nagar Dmolished illegal speed breakers

Chenab  Nagar (Rabwah) _ tehsil municipal administration has arranged the operation against the unnecessary speed breakers on the streets of Rabwah.

During the operation, TMA demolished many illegal speed breakers and clear the roads.

The speed breakers were made by the local men and people were suffering from these illegal and unwanted speed breakers.

The public has appreciated this work by the local authorities and they are hopeful that authorities will continue to ensure the rule o law in the city.

TMA rabwah

TMA workers during the operation in the Nasir Abad.


Boy drowned to death in Chenab Nagar

Chenab Nagar: A boy of age 23 drowned to death in the Chenab river in the area of KHARDKAN.

He was trying to cross the Chenab river by swimming through it.

Rescue teams are searching for the body of the boy.

A boy named Jabir Ali son of Muhammad Ali was resident of Khardkan, the area along the Chena River.