UK: Ahmadi women of Barking send ‘message of peace’ to domestic abuse survivors

Siemah Ahmad, fourth from left, says Barking Ahmadi Muslims see it as their duty to donate to women’s refuges

A minority Muslim group donated more than 100 food hampers to nine women’s refuges.

The women’s Barking branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Association sent the food to secret locations across east London throughout last week.

Volunteer Siemah Ahmad, 38, said it was vital to reach out to domestic abuse victims as International Women’s Day fell on Wednesday.

“We’re helping women who are vulnerable in society,” she said. “The women in our community want to share a message of peace and show we care about everyone in our community.

“Islam means peace and looking after all members of the community.”

She said this year’s donations amounted to a hamper for each woman recovering at east London’s refuges, following on from last year’s donation of 57.

USA: Area Muslim group decries hate crimes

Hate crimes in the United States have increased in the months following the 2016 election. A hate crime is defined as abuse against a group or an individual based on religious views or racial ethnic background. This increase includes heinous acts against people belonging to Jewish and Muslim communities, as well as people with Middle Eastern backgrounds.

On Feb. 26, a Jewish cemetery in Frankford, Pa., reportedly had more than 100 headstones damaged. Just hearing this news sends a chill down my spine. How could someone have the audacity to topple headstones and vandalize a cemetery?

As always, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the religion of Islam condemn all such attacks that target and disturb the peace of society.

I urge everyone to try and maintain the peace in our atmosphere so we all can live together in a hospitable environment.

Arsalan Ahmad Khan Woodbridge

UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Peace Conference coincided with International Women’s Day

To coincide with International Women’s Day, the Carshalton branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA) held a Peace Conference, inviting women from local churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship to discuss how interfaith harmony could be spread in the Borough.

Delegates from the Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church, Wallington United Reformed Church, Saint Hill Church of Scientology and London Church of Scientology participated. The women exchanged ideas on how barriers between people of different faiths could be eliminated through dialogue and joint projects.

An annual plan of action was drafted which includes:

• an interfaith dialogue event at the Baitul Futuh Mosque on 23rd September on the topic ‘Life after Death’
• offering interfaith dialogue sessions to the girls high schools in Sutton during Interfaith Week (12-19 November 2017)
• interfaith coffee mornings to be held 3 times a year

The evening included a report on the activities of the AMWA Carshalton branch, a short tour of the newly inaugurated Baitul Ehsan Mosque in Mitcham and discussions over tea, snacks and cakes about how the interfaith events being planned could be promoted.

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