This new software will turn your Android phone into a full-fledged PC

Imagine a future where your Android device will work as a full-fledged personal computer. Well, we might be a lot closer to it then you expect.

Beijing-based start-up Jide Technologies just unveiled the latest version of its Remix OS software that would turn an Android-based smartphone into a PC.

mobile pc

The new operating software called Remix OS (ROM), featuring the new Remix Singularity option, is expected to be released in the second half of 2017 and would be available for free.

Jide technologies has been working on the Remix operation software for the last three years which so far has over 4 million downloads. The OS tries to skin Android in an attempt to make it more run like a full-fledged PC that feature floating windows, a start menu, and a task bar all controllable with a keyboard and mouse.

Remix OS has support for all major apps that include Clash of Clans to Microsoft Word and Google Docs but are tailored to function more like a Windows PC.

This, however, isn’t the first time a company has tried to offer a smartphone that doubles as a PC. The most recent being Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Continuum which allows a Windows phone featuring a Snapdragon 820 chipset to run Widows 10 complete with HD video playback, Adobe Photoshop support, and Microsoft pc system

However, under powered hardware and missing essential software in most cases have prevented the product from gaining traction with the masses.

Jide co-founder David Ko, however, thinks his company has two big advantages, namely cost and the Android ecosystem, that would allow it to attract consumers.

Speaking to The Verge, Ko said: “In the next five years, roughly 5 billion people will be coming online and when they come online, their number one choice will be the smartphone; an affordable smartphone and that will be an Android.

Choosing a ROM device, KO said will give consumers the added benefit of a desktop computer thrown in for free. “If your phone can replace [your PC], it’s a huge saving, and has a big impact to productivity.”

However, Jide’s operating software has a lot of hurdles to overcome in its way to become mainstream. One of the biggest challenges for Jide will simply be getting the software into consumers’ hands where the company is trying to partner with OEMs to sell phones that support Remix Singularity.

Personal computer sales continue to slide

Another obstacle is to attract users in the developed world where people have multiple computers and use cloud services to share files among them, which is easier than relying on an underpowered phones.

And finally a minor technical challenge which is that the OS doesn’t have Play Store preinstalled and must be side loaded to access the full Android ecosystem of apps. This might come easy to tech-savvy users but it’ll surely will put off some.

This article originally appeared on The Verge.

JazzCash Cricket Festival launched on

Cricket buzz is at an all-time high with the successful launch of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Never one to miss out on fun and adventure, and JazzCash have entered the arena and are ready to start an exciting innings of their own with the JazzCash Cricket Festival, offering the best deals and discounts available on the internet to make the cricket season more exciting.

Best deals on the internet – howzat? is a leading, one-stop shopping destination in Pakistan with the largest variety of products under one roof, and with JazzCash as a payment partner, the duo are bound to heavy-ball a great customer experience. The JazzCash Cricket Festival started on from February 23, aiming to clean-bowl customers with discounts up to 65% on smartphones, fashion, beauty, home appliances, electronics, TVs, cameras, sports and fitness equipment, gaming consoles and several other categories.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jonathan Doerr, Co-CEO Daraz said, “Daraz and JazzCash have teamed up to offer the best way to spend the cricket season. This is the first big event this year after Black Friday 2016, and once again we plan to sweep people off their feet with unbelievable prices from leading brands as well as some exciting product launches.”

Aniqa Afzal, Chief Digital & Financial Services for Jazz, commented on the partnership and said, “In our drive to provide our customers with the best possible deals, our partnership with marks an important milestone in our digital journey as the Number 1 Digital Company in Pakistan. JazzCash provides a sustainable and secure e-commerce platform for its customers, and enables them to benefit from the convenience of the JazzCash network.”

Lahore DHA blast was an ‘accident’ caused by cylinder explosion: Rana Sanaullah

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Friday that the blast in Lahore’s DHA area a day earlier was not an act of terror but an “accident”, as forensic samples collected from the site had shown that the blast was a cylinder explosion.

Six samples collected from the building where the blast that killed 10 people took place did not contain traces of explosives, he told a news conference, quoting a forensics laboratory report.

“Yesterday’s explosion was an accident and not a terrorist or explosives blast,” he said.

He said the collected samples had hinted at a gas leakage and shown presence of cylinders in the building.

“We will take strict action against authorities involved in making substandard cylinders that led to this explosion,” he said.

Explaining the delay in determining the nature of the blast, he said due to the extensive damage caused by the blast, the forensics team could not collect samples from the site until the debris had been cleared, which took some time.

The assessment of samples at forensics laboratory requires around 6-8 hours, he said.

The minister regretted that some TV channels had given the DHA blast spin of a terrorism incident and later ran news of another blast that caused “fear and panic” among the citizens.

PSL final

Answering a question, Sanaullah said the decision about whether the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final will be held in Lahore or not will be shared with the public today.

He said Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was meant to chair a meeting on the PSL final on Thursday but it could not be held due to the DHA incident.

Thursday’s blast at an under-construction cafe in the Defence Housing Authority area’s Z Block killed its owner Moazam Paracha, who was also chief executive officer of telecom company Airlink. Sanaullah said the blast had killed seven people and injured 35 others.

The explosion, which was given a mysterious touch by an unending variety of explanations from police officers, partially damaged some nearby buildings. Some vehicles and motorbikes parked in the immediate surroundings were also damaged.

According to witnesses, the explosion was followed by a storm of dust and panic in the vicinity.

There were conflicting reports about the nature of the blast from the beginning. It was by turns termed a cylinder blast and a time bomb. Later in the day, some police officers returned to the original claim that it was a cylinder explosion. One officer said the material that exploded might have been stored in the building, as opposed to some individual terrorist or a network planting it there.

Canada: Local voices heard during Muslim event at Lloydminster library

“I think they are really important because they help educate other people and they can learn a lot. It removes misconceptions about Islam.”

VERMILION, Alta. – Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Lloydminster, Alta./Sask. have been welcomed with respect and solidarity, according to Imam Tariq Azeem.

Azeem has been hosting Coffee and Islam, a national campaign intended to dispel suspicions and misconceptions regarding Islam, at the Vermilion Public Library every Thursday throughout February.

“We had some guests from the local community that came and showed support, especially in light of the recent event in Quebec, where a mosque was attacked. (They) showed solidarity and respect. They feel the pain as human beings for loss of life.”

Last month, six people were killed and five others were injured, following the attack of a Quebec City, Que. mosque.

“Our mosques are always open. Even after the attack in Quebec, we do not feel this one attack reflects the entire country. The people are tolerant, and whatever has happened after the incident shows majority of the people are loving and caring, and will always be there to support their neighbours and friends, “ Azeem said.

In addition, members of the local Muslim community, from Vermilion and the surrounding area, have visited to express their appreciation.

“They were appreciative because there is no mosque or formal chapter here,” Azeem said.

“So, they appreciate us coming out here and provide a voice to their feelings about recent events. Either because they have or not have been able to communicate to the local community. Being a part of a local chapter in Lloydminster, it gives us the opportunity and manpower to conduct such activities.”

Azeem was also joined by two youth members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, 16-year-old Shehroze Afridi and 14-year-old Kamran Rajput, which opens younger residents to visit and ask questions.

“I think they are really important because they help educate other people and they can learn a lot. It removes misconceptions about Islam,” Afridi said.

Rajput added that he is very comfortable answering questions about his religion to those who are interested.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has many auxiliary organizations, which include children, youth, adults, and seniors, and aim to educate them on their faith in through classes and sessions, Azeem said.

“(This way) they grow up and become beneficial members of the society.”

The last Coffee and Islam event will be on Thursday, Feb. 23, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event is free and will include refreshments.



Indonesia: Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sawangan Sealed Again

“There have been no reports of disturbance by Ahmadiyah as we sealed the mosque again. [However] if the seal was to be removed there would be strict sanctions.”

60 military personnel called in to maintain security

DEPOK (Pos Kota) – Depok Police officers joined with the Depok municipal police to seal again the Hidayah Mosque in Jalan Raya Muchtar, RT. 03 / 07 Sawangan Baru, Sawangan, Depok City, Thursday (23/2) afternoon. This sealing action is already the sixth time.

The building, a mosque of the Ahmadiyya Community, was sealed by municipal police officers assisted by 60 military personnel to maintain security.Indonesia- Ahmadiyya .

Police officer from Depok City, Dudi Miraz Z, said sealing has previously been carried out in 2015 also. According to Dudi, Ahmadiyya congregational activities have been troubling the local residents and clerics.

“There have been no reports of resistance at Ahmadiyah mosques when we sealed the place again,” he told local media on site.

‘However,’ he added, “if the seal was to be removed, there would be strict sanctions.”.

Policeman were seen removing ‘Love for all Hatred for none’ slogan banners belonging to the Ahmadiyyas and carried those out of the building.,

Meanwhile, the building owner, Farid showed deep regrets about the actions of Pol PP and said closing of the house of worship is unilateral.

“Local governments do not have a strong case to seal a house of worship. “We just do worship here. What is so disturbing about that.”

Read original post here: Indonesia: Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sawangan Sealed Again

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USA: Two Indian men assumed Middle Eastern and acquaintance killed by white racist in Kansas

At least one witness reportedly heard the suspect yell “get out of my country” shortly before shooting men he reportedly thought were Middle Eastern. Both men, engineers at Garmin, appear to be originally from India.

Austins Bar and Grill in south Olathe was crowded Wednesday night with patrons, some there to watch KU basketball, others having an after-work drink or celebrating a birthday.

On this night, employees recognized many regulars they know by name or drink. All having a typical Wednesday night at the bar tucked into a strip mall at the corner of 151st Street and Mur-Len.

Until the gunfire rang out at 7:15 Wednesday night, just after half-time of the KU game.

Details are emerging of what happened in and around Austins when a man known to some bar staffers became disgruntled in the patio area, spouting racial slurs at two men of Indian descent and then shooting them and another regular who stood up for the two.

At least one witness reportedly heard the suspect yell “get out of my country” shortly before shooting men he reportedly thought were Middle Eastern. Both men, engineers at Garmin, appear to be originally from India.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla died at an area hospital and Alok Madasani and Ian Grillot are both still hospitalized.

Neighbors and business owners in the area are piecing together the bloodshed inside the bar and its aftermath. The fear. The replaying sound of gunshots. The confusion over why two co-workers would be targeted because they appeared to be immigrants.

“I heard a loud noise,” said Richard Kim, who at that time of the shooting was closing up his business, Q Cleaners & Alteration, which is next door to Austins. “After three and four, I’m sure it is gunfire.”

He hid until the gunfire stopped and he thought it was clear to go outside. That’s when he saw two men on the ground, being helped by other people. One man was inside the patio, the other lying just outside the patio.

Kuchibhotla and Madasani had been at the bar for about 30 minutes or so. The two work nearby at Garmin Ltd. and are regulars at Austins. Maybe once or twice a week, the co-workers could be found on the Austins patio in the early evening. Each would order a Jameson.

“We know them as the Jameson guys,” said Garret Bohnen, who has served the two. “They are super nice guys. They would sit, have a cigarette, have a few drinks and pay their tab and leave.”

Bohnen was hanging out at Austins for a while Wednesday evening and left the bar about 6:45 p.m. When he was walking out, he saw Kuchibhotla and Madasani walking in. Around that same time, Grillot, a sometimes daily regular who either stops for a drink or grabs something to eat, was in the parking lot.

“Ian’s a really good guy,” Bohnen told The Star Thursday. “He’s been going there forever. We’ve always had a good time with him. He’s always one to diffuse stuff.”

And he reportedly tried to do that again Wednesday night in the moments after a patron became disgruntled and before the gunfire rang out.

Adam Purinton, who lives nearby Austins and has frequented the bar in the past, was inside the patio when witnesses say he started spouting racial slurs. Some told The Star that during a rant the man talked about recently being diagnosed with a serious illness.

“From what I understand when he was throwing racial slurs at the two gentlemen (Kuchibhotla and Madasani), Ian stood up for them,” Bohnen said. “We’re all proud of him.”

At one point, Purinton is thought to have been kicked out of the bar and then came back and started shooting.

The suspect fled on foot as police descended onto his neighborhood just behind Austins. Purinton eventually left the Kansas City area.

About five hours later, he was having a drink at the Applebee’s at Clinton, Mo., when he told a bartender he needed a place to hide out because he had just killed two Middle Eastern men.

The bartender called police, and he was arrested without incident.

Indonesia: Extremist groups plan Friday agitation against Ahmadiyyas in Sawangan

Proponent of the action, using the label “Protest 242”, asked participants to not carry weapons. The group plan to start action from a location approximately 500 meters from the Ahmadiyya mosque.

KBR, Jakarta- A number of groups in Depok, West Java plans to shutdown all Ahmadiyah activities in Sawangan permanently.

Action will be conducted tomorrow (24/02) after Friday prayers until 16:00 pm, it was reported.

This agitation action was announced after Civil Service Police Unit of Depok sealed an Ahmadiyya mosque today (23/02).

Citizens of District Sawangan, Bojongsari and surrounding areas are being invited through information posted in social media, to engage in anti-Ahamdiyya action. They were asked to use identifiable marker to show their participation.

Proponent of the action, using the label “Protest 242”, asked participants to not carry weapons. The group plan to start action from a location approximately 500 meters from the now sealed Ahmadiyya mosque.

Sealing of the Sawangan Ahmadiyya mosque, carried out by municipal police with assistance from the military, was reportedly done because local residents and clerics complained that the Ahmadiyya worship activity is considered disturbing.

Translated from Indonesian and edited.

— Indonesia: Extremist groups plan agitation against Ahmadiyyas in Sawangan.

Algeria: Police arrests 12 members of Ahmadiyya community for ‘promoting their doctrine’

London-based Amnesty International in its 2016 report has slammed Algerian authorities for persecuting Algerians of other religions or Algerian Muslims not belonging to Sunnite Islam.

The Algerian police Wednesday announced the arrest of 12 members of Ahmadiyya religious community accused by authorities for promoting the outlawed movement.

The men were arrested at Chlef, north of the country, the national police announced in a statement aired on radio.

“Members of this movement were in possession of documents promoting their doctrine,” the police said in the statement.

The leader of the movement who has not been named and other four members have been locked up while four have been placed under court supervision. The three others have been freed, reports say.

A court has sued the movement for creating association without authorization, crime against Islam and proselytism.

The Ahmadiyya movement was founded in Punjab, India, in the 19th century. It preaches the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908) and rejects claims that Prophet Mohamed is the last Prophet.*

The movement, outlawed by Saudi Arabia-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), reportedly appeared in Algeria in 1990s and boasts hundreds of members in the country.

It is the first time Algerian authorities are cracking down on the movement. Authorities arrested dozens of the community members across the country several weeks ago, according to local reports.

London-based Amnesty International in its 2016 report has slammed Algerian authorities for persecuting Algerians of other religions or Algerian Muslims not belonging to Sunnite Islam.

“Authorities have targeted members of the Ahmadiyya community, arresting more than 50 people in the Blida and Skikda governorates and elsewhere in the country for their faith,” the NGO said.

*– Editor’s note:  The assertion that Ahmadis “rejects claims that Prophet Mohamed is the last Prophet” is factually incorrect. According to Ahmadiyys, “[t]he Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  . . . believe[s] that the long-awaited messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India. Ahmad claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.”